Why not to brush wet hair

Brushes for wet hair

It’s simple. When hair is wet, it is more prone to damage. This is because water weakens the weakest bonds within strands of hair. And the simple act of brushing it while it is wet will cause breakage. If you have very thin hair, you need to be extra careful. Thin hair can be damaged more easily than thick hair as each strand is made up of less polypeptides with less bonds.

What to do:
Wait for your hair to air dry for about five to ten minutes. If this is too long for you to wait, use a towel and gently pat your hair to remove excess water. Do not use your normal everyday brush yet if you can help it.

What to use:
The old school wide-toothed comb is one of the best tools to use to comb out your wet hair. There are, however, lots of newbies on the market that offer a solution to brushing wet hair and at the same time prevent you from spending hours detangling millions of knots. An important point to remember is to start combing from the bottom first, and then move to the top.

These are some of our favourite brushes for wet hair and knots:

Tangle Teezer, R200

The Wet Brush, R110

Michel Mercier Brush, R49.99

Freestyle Wet-Dry Detangler, R89.99

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  1. I am a culprit of combing wet hair, just find it difficult to comb when dry as my hair frizzes a lot. But will try to wait a bit so that hair not so wet when brushing. Thank you for this tip.

  2. I don’t really get tangles but I do use a wide tooth comb when conditioning. It helps to properly distribute the product.

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