Winter hair dramas solved!

We all know our cute beanies and head-scarves aren’t just there to add a splash of colour; they come to our rescue on those really bad winter hair days. Still, we’ve got a few quick tips to help solve your winter hair problems for good.

The drama: Frizzy hair

The cause: The lack of moisture in the air in winter causes the hair to dry out, become static and frizz.

How to deal: To combat frizz you need to lock the moisture into your hair. Hair masks are great for this purpose – they replace your ordinary conditioner and should be applied once a week.

We love: Kèrastase Nutritive Masquintense treatment mask. Apply to wet hair and cover with cling wrap and a towel. Leave for a minimum of 15 minutes before washing and enjoy your shiny, glossy and smooth hair! 

Kerestase Masquintense

Kerestase Nutritive Masquintense, R530

The drama: Dry, itchy scalp

The cause: Dry scalp is also caused by the lack of moisture in the air during winter. The same dryness that you experience on your legs and arms also occurs on your scalp, resulting in flaky and nasty-looking dry scalp.

How to deal: Shampoos and conditioners that contains tea tree oil to reduce itchiness and dry scalp. Shea Butter also helps to moisturise and rejuvenate the skin while products that contain urea alleviate itchiness and tightness by putting the moisture back into dry skin cells.

We love: Schwarzkopf Gliss has a Shea Cashmere range, exclusive to Clicks, makes use of mega-moisturising shea butter, while Paul Mitchell have a great Tea Tree line.

gliss cashmere

Schwarzkopf Gliss’ Shea Cashmere range

The drama: Dull hair

The cause: If you’re using too many heavy conditioners, this can build up on your hair and leave it looking dull. However, if you feel your hair’s not looking as light as usual, this could be due to the fact that, in winter, you don’t spend as much time outdoors in the sun.

How to deal: Invest in a good clarifying shampoo to use every so often. If you want to lighten up, opt for a natural highlighting shampoo that contains natural lightening ingredients like chamomile.

We love: John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening shampoo and conditioner, exclusive to Clicks. They contain honey and oatmeal to gently and naturally lighten both natural or colour treated blonde hair.

john frieda go blonder

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder shampoo and conditioner, R99,99 each.

The drama: Split ends

The cause: The cold combined with the dry air, the static electricity and the constant use of heaters and styling products can cause the air to become brittle and damaged resulting in split ends.

How to deal: Save your ends by shampooing your hair less often to restore your hair’s natural oils, and try and avoid heating tools like curlers, straighteners and hairdryers. Also make sure you get your ends trimmed regularly to avoid unsightly split ends.

We love: TRESemme’ Heat Defence Styling Spray. It’s heat-activated vitamin complex helps protects your hair from the damaged caused by hair drier. 

tresemme heat spray

TRESemme’ Heat Defence styling spray, R64,99



9 Responses

  1. I tried Schwarzkopf Gliss’ Shea Cashmere range and it made my hair nice. I wish I could afford Kerastase.

  2. I have tried the gliss , it seems t make my hair too oily too quickly…will try the jerks taste tho as well as the elixir which I read about in another article ..

  3. Quality does come at a high price tag. I’ve used Kerestase and know that you will not be dissapointed. It’s more of a treat than a need and my pocket can’t always afford it. If used sparingly and “selfishly” it should last you long though.

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