Your bridal beauty survival kit


If any day in your life should be perfect, it’s your wedding day. To say there’s a lot riding on this event would be an understatement, like calling an all-expenses paid trip around the world “nice.” So imagine the absolute mortification of a make-up malfunction on the one day everyone’s eyes are fixed on you. It’s unthinkable, so plan ahead and prepare a beauty survival kit in case of emergency.

Hair and make-up aids

Everyone’s got that one friend who knows how to do everything. She might be a tad annoying under normal circumstances, like when you’re trying to make a toasted cheese sandwich and don’t need the external input, but on your wedding day – this friend is indispensible. Let her keep a small toiletry bag on her person for bridal hair and make-up troubleshooting – she’s sure to know how to fix your particular problem.

Include the following:

• Hairgrips to pin down wayward strands.
• Hair spray. You can never have enough, especially if your hairstyle is an elaborate one.
• Clear nail polish to fix small nail chips and minor runs in pantyhose.
• Nail glue and a toothpick to fix a broken nail.
• Extra pantyhose.
Make-up removal wipes. For removing make-up smudges and your great gran-in-law’s lipstick from your cheek.
• Make-up for touch ups.
• Small sewing kit. Because you never know when things might start to come undone.

Personal care items

Most wedding receptions involve eating, which is awesome. But food in your teeth? Not so much. Keep these items in your bag so you can take care of this and other awkward issues as they arise:

• Small mirror for make-up and dental check ups between courses.
Dental floss.
• Chewing gum. Use only for a minute after eating to refresh your breath – chewing nervously throughout the reception is not a look befitting a bride.
• Tissues. Those speeches can make a girl tear up!
• Anti-perspirant, especially if it’s a cooker of a day or there’s dancing involved.
Perfume. For smelling sweet from start till finish.
• Small bottle of water. A dry mouth can make it difficult to say “cheese.”
• Plasters. Bridal footwear is notoriously uncomfortable; it would be a shame to have to stay seated for the latter half of the event on account of a blister.
• Paracetamol. In case a mother of a headache threatens to kill your buzz.
• Non-drowsy antihistamines. It’s not a good time for a sneezing marathon.

Having a kit like this at the ready gives you the confidence to enjoy the proceedings knowing you can easily fix any beauty faux pas that may arise. For any other glitches on the day that are beyond your control, try to channel your inner Elsa and “Let it go.”

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  1. Wedding days are very stressful so being prepared is a great way to lessen that stress

  2. Very formative article. Everything you need to plan and have before your big day.

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