What causes dark spots and scars



Please could you advise on what can be used for scars and dark marks.

Submitted by Karen Pillay on 30 April 2015


Thanks so much for submitting your question. Truth be told, it’s quite a complex one. There are a few things I need you to tell me before I can really give you a good answer.

1) Where are the scars and the dark marks?
2) How large are the scars and what caused them? Are they acne scars? Or has something happened that the skin has become damaged?
3) Are the scars raised, or indented?
4) What has resulted in your dark marks? Have you got them after having had breakouts? Are they big hormonal patches that maybe occurred after a pregnancy?
5) How long have you had these scars and dark marks?

Could you maybe give me a bit more detail so that I can give you a more specific and helpful answer? There are many different options available to us in the form of treatments and topical products, but in order to make sure that the advice I give you helps your specific condition, I need as much detail as you can give me about your marks and your scars. Different scars and different types of pigmentation are treated using different methods and products. The area is also very important as there are some things that can be used on the body that are not necessarily great for the face and vice versa.



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Hello Dr M.

I have major sensitive skin with terrible discoloration, and now I have developed a massive rash that and with all the products that I have tried both natural and chemical based, my face just burns and since it is sensitive to every thing I have tried, it has now gotten flaky and I also have hyper-pigmentation. I was told to get persivate cream and cetaphil clanser and lotion, but my skin burns and dries after moisturizing. what should I do next?

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Hello Dr Allem!
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Don’t they collect dirt?

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