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Vichy Capitol Soleil BB Tinted Velvety Cream SPF 50+ Trial Team

Vichy Capitol Soleil BB Cream

Price: R285
Availability: Selected retailers nationwide

What out Beauty Network Trial Team members say:
This was the first Vichy product I’ve ever tried, and definitely not the last. This BB Cream has me officially sold on the cosmetic brand. I absolutely love this face cream, which has now become a staple in my beauty arsenal.

The first quality about this product that stood out to me was the smell. It smells incredible! It reminds me of sexy summer days at the beach. I also really love the bright orange colour of the packaging. It is striking and beautiful. Besides the look, the packing couldn’t be more practical. I love the little tube it comes in. It makes using the product super easy and mess-free, plus it’s great for carrying around in my handbag.

The purpose of this BB Cream is to moisturise the skin for up to 24 hours, while protecting it against the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. Ideal for all skin types, this product melts and re-plumps your skin leaving it feeling soft and silky smooth.

At first, I didn’t notice any difference, but after using it for just a few days, I don’t see myself without this product. It left my skin looking dewy fresh all day, without that caked-on look and feel.

I am more than happy with the results I got from using this BB Cream. My skin looks ten times better than before. I would definitely repurchase and recommend it. Although it is quite pricey, it is worth the price, in my opinion. I don’t think there’s anything I did not like about this product. It’s a must-have for the sunny season.
– Kelly

My eye would be drawn to this product on the sunscreen shelf, the box is a lovely orange with pretty, professional typeface and the important information I need (that it protects against both UVB and UVA). The most important part of my daily routine is my sunblock, living in South Africa it is unbelievably important to protect your skin from the harsh sun.

The tube has a flip cap which isn’t fancy but works brilliantly. The sunscreen is slightly runnier than cream and is a medium tan colour. The smell is heavenly, it puts me in a summery mood even on rainy days. The cream is so lovely to put on, it is soft and smooth and if you didn’t know it had sunscreen in it you would never guess. It sinks right into your skin and makes it feel moisturized without feeling oily (as sunscreens can often make you feel). Don’t be put off by the colour of the cream- the tint is sheer and gives your skin a natural glow and radiance but doesn’t offer any coverage.

I wear this sunscreen under my make-up every day for a wonderful BB effect glow with the benefit of high factor protection. I have also worn it on a beach outing with no other makeup and loved the beach glow I had without makeup on, I was pleasantly surprised how well it handled the heat and didn’t sweat off as other sunblock have.

I want to recommend this sunblock to everyone I know, especially with summer coming up.
– Jeanine

The Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 50 BB Cream is a tinted dry face fluid that promises to aid in protection against skin damage caused by the sun. Upon first impressions, the packaging of this product appears sophisticated. The BB Cream comes in a pleasantly coloured orange tube, reminding one of the beautiful summer sun and glowing tanned skin.

I found the packaging to be practical, simple enough to squeeze onto your hand while you’re on the go in order to re-apply, and the tube is small enough to fit into your handbag. In my opinion the product had a very slight, hardly noticeable citrus smell. The consistency of the cream itself is slightly thicker than other similar products I have tested, but this allowed for better coverage than most other BB Creams.

What I find most attractive about the product is that it is long lasting and water resistant. One can enjoy a quick dip in the pool without worrying about your makeup smearing, although it is recommended to re-apply afterwards. I would highly recommend this product to other women who love the outdoors and are looking for a tinted moisturizer that provides effective blockage from sunburn.
– Desiree


4 Responses

  1. The Vichy range is amazing but this product is particularly awesome because it doesn’t just make your skin feel great, it looks great too. After having my kids and suffering with pigmentation marks on my face, Vichy was the one product I could turn to which truly helped.

  2. VICHY CAPITOL SOLEIL BB TINTED VELVETY CREAM SPF 50+ I received a Vichy capitol soleil bb tinted velvety cream with an SPF 50+ from a friend during the holidays, I normally use a day cream with an SPF 25 so was not sure how the product would affect my skin. I have tried other brands with an SPF 50 but unfortunately they gave my skin a break out. I am excited to say that I have been using this fabulous product daily and no break outs!

  3. An SPF50 BB cream? Life keeps getting better :) I currently layer on a SPF30 primer followed by a SPF35 BB cream so this is something I will be super keen on trying.

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