5 Cute hairstyles to rock when you’re too lazy to style your hair

The majority of us don’t have the time or patience to wash and style our hair every day. On a lazy hair day, we tend to tie our hair into a ponytail before we run out the door, and don’t give it any more thought during the day. Next time you’re too lazy to wash, blow dry and style your hair, give one these cute looks a try – they’re incredibly quick and easy to do!


1. The doughnut bun
It may seem challenging in the beginning, but practice makes perfect. All you need is a doughnut ring, a hair elastic and a few Bobby pins. It’s always easier to start the process with your hair in a ponytail and then to start the bun by wrapping your pony around the doughnut and securing with the pins.


2. The plaited bun
This is such an easy style to create and adds a bit of fun to your everyday look. It also hides greasiness. Simply plait your hair and wrap it around into a bun. Secure with Bobby pins.


3. The headscarf
We love this look and it can instantly glam up any outfit. If you don’t have a headscarf you can make one with a neck scarf you have lying around. Opt for thin materials and bright colours for the summer months. Play around with the look and feel and you’ll be surprised at the finished style you create.


4. The wrap-around pony
This is seriously cute and it is different to seeing a boring old hair tie day in and day out. Simply make a ponytail and leave a piece out at the bottom. Wrap it around your elastic band and pin to hold.


5. Simple side parted braid
If you are a pro at braiding your own hair, you will ace this look. Simply part your hair into a perfect side parting (you may want to use a styling product for extra hold) and then plait away in the direction of the parting.






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  1. I have an afro, so the scarf will work perfect for me. My hair is not long enough for a bun yet… hopefully one day!

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