6 Ways you’re damaging your hair without even knowing it


Most of us think we look after our hair well because, after all, we know our hair best! But, there are plenty of things we should be avoiding to make sure we are taking even better care of our hair. Even those of us working in the beauty industry are guilty of committing these six hair felonies, but we are making a conscious effort from now on, not too. Whoops!

1. Brushing wet hair
You may think this is totally normal. You are brushing your hair with a hair brush, so what could possibly be wrong? The brush itself! You need make use of a wide toothcomb to get the knots out of wet hair. Using a normal brush is terribly damaging to your hair. The bristles are not meant to get through wet hair, and can cause dragging and breakage.

2. Picking at your split ends
We are all guilty of this. Somehow there is something satisfying about picking at a split end, right? But please don’t do it. It messes up your hair shaft and makes the split end even worse.

3. Not applying a heat protectant
You have heard this one before and you’re about to hear it again. It’s extremely important to apply a heat protection product whenever you apply heat. So that means before blow drying, curling or straightening. Your hair will be a lot happier and look healthier is the long run.

 4. Over washing your hair
We don’t expect you to walk around with dirty hair for two weeks before washing it, but try not to wash it every day. By rinsing your hair regularly it strips the natural oils. These oils keep your hair and scalp healthy, thereby preventing dryness. Try a dry shampoo if you need to freshen up before washes.

5. Placing heat from your hairdryer directly onto your hair
The steam that’s coming from your hairdryer and that nasty smell – yes, that’s your hair burning. Don’t ever hold the nozzle of the dryer directly onto your hair. You will burn it. Position the nozzle so that it’s at an angle and keep moving it so that the excess heat can escape and you can still get the result you want.

6. Slathering conditioner onto your entire head of hair
When your scalp is covered in conditioner, it can only lead to one thing – build-up! So if your hair tends to get greasy right after washing, you may be applying too much conditioner to your hair. Always use conditioner on your ends and mid-lengths, avoiding the scalp.






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6 Responses

  1. I am lucky in a sense that I get to stay home, that means I don’t have to wash and style everyday, definitely makes a difference :)

  2. I find if the best is to wash and condition my hair no more than twice a week. I apply shampoo to the roots to get rid of build-up and then let the suds rinse out through from the length to the tips. For conditioner, I kinda do the reverse: apply to ends first and then length. I then finger comb all my hair so only a tiny amount reaches my roots and scalp.

  3. Rinsing thoroughly is a big thing as well. Even if you’ve slapped on a hair mask or fancy treatment, it’s important to rinse your hair properly. That’s why we get ‘after care’ products to apply, because they won’t weigh you down.

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