Question: Adult Acne And The Removal Of Acne Marks

Hi Dr, I'm 38 years old with combination skin and an extremely oily T Zone. I've had Acne as a teenager and still have the marks to prove it. For the last three months, my face has been breaking out constantly, with large painful pimples that leave scars. I've used Eucerin, switched to Pond's Flawless Radiance, I'm now using Neutrogena Grapefruit. Nothing is working.Please could you advise. I also need to get of the dark marks left by the pimples. Please help!


I’m so sorry to hear that you’re having this issue. What you need to remember is that Acne is as much an internal problem as it is an external one. Not just that… but there are so many other problems that arise as a result of the breakouts, as you’ve mentioned the dark marks and scarring. You need to get started on the right products and treatments ASAP. The longer you leave the problem, the more problems will just heap up. So first things first… get the skin under control from the inside! I would highly recommend that you start taking Acnevelle tablets (from Lamelle), to control the way in which your skin is functioning right now. Then we need to get the break outs under control. I would suggest the use of Active Control Gel on the breakout areas themselves and on the oily areas of your skin to bring that oil secretion under control. Then we need to look at the damage that has already been caused (namely the dark marks and scars). For these we are going to need to get you to have some treatments. I would need to have a look at how severe the marks are, but we will most likely need to do a combination of some peels and some laser. If any of your scarring in very deep, we may need to look at some needling or mesotherapy treatments. Would you possibly be able to come and see me, or one of our Doctors at your nearest Skin renewal Branch? I’d love to be able to try and help you as best I can.

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