Question: Do you recommend going for the flu vaccination?

Do you recommend going for the flu vaccination? I am in my 20s and have heard that lots of younger people are going for it (I always assumed it was meant for the elderly). Are there any pros and cons?


Regarding the flu vaccine, it is only recommended for the immune compromised, the very young (babies) and the elderly. I do not recommend the flu vaccine to anyone outside of those parameters as there are ways to support your immune system against all the viruses you are exposed to rather than the few they have created the vaccine out of. Every flu season we are exposed to hundreds if not thousands of viruses, which is why some people who have been vaccinated still get flu. My preference is to take an immune booster through the high flu season, and if you happen to get the flu, treat it accordingly. For prevention, start by washing your hands often, as this minimises the amount of virus you are exposed to. Then take a supporting supplement like Echinacea Synergy by Metagenics, or Viralscript by Medford; both are excellent at supporting the immune system. Should you feel that dreaded tickle in your throat then take Andrographis plus by Metagenics and increase your vitamin C and Zinc… then rest.

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