Question: From Losca Kobela

Can you recommend any skincare products that remove dark spots fast?


Hello, there are various topical products available to help even skin tone and improve discolourations. Dark spots, knows as pigmentation, can appear anywhere on the skin and can be due to external factors, such as the sun or trauma, or internal factors like hormones or systemic inflammation. To successfully treat pigmentation we need to figure out what exactly is the cause. Topical products can help improve the appearance by suppressing the cell the makes the pigment, it is also important to use an exfoliator to bring the pigment to the surface so that it can be removed by natural shedding. It is best to combine the use of topical homecare products with in-clinic treatment such as chemical peels and laser/light treatments. This will ensure we get the best results. Topical products such as Neostarta Enlighten range as well as Lamelle Luminesce range can be used at home. Please visit the following link to find out more about the products .

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