Question: From Natasha Manda

Hi Dr Allem, recently I’ve been having a few breakouts on my forehead and cheek area. I’ve been to a dermatologist before and he really helped me treat my skin when it was at its worst, he also told me not to pick on/pop my pimples and I don’t, till this day. My question is, if I’m not popping my pimples, I’m living a somewhat healthy lifestyle, I drink up to 3 litres of water per day, then why do my pimples/ breakouts leave me with blemishes and how can I treat them?


Thank you very much for your question, Natasha.

I’m glad to hear that your skin has improved somewhat. I’m also glad to hear that you are heeding your Dermatologist’s advice and not picking or scratching or extracting any breakouts. It’s fantastic that you are eating well and taking in a lot of water, however, your diet is NOT the main player that contributes to Acne and/or breakouts on the skin. In MOST cases the triggers are in fact hormonal and gut related. So in a case like your, the key is to pinpoint your trigger and then treat THAT cause, as right now your efforts are only affecting the symptoms and not working on the root cause itself. My suggestion is to come and see one of our Health Renewal Doctors and let them help you pinpoint the cause so that you can target that in order to see better long-term results on your skin.

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