Question: Hi Dr Maureen I Have Been Getting Dark Bruises On My Skin, As If I Have Bump My Self Against Something. They Take Forever To Disappear, Is There Something That I Can Use? What Is Causing Them?

Hi Dr Maureen I have been getting dark bruises on my skin, as if I have bump my self against something. They take forever to disappear, is there something that I can use? what is causing them?


I’m so sorry to hear that you are having this problem. Truth be told, this bruising can be caused by any number of things. If you have recently been ill or your immune system is down you will experience poor healing and slow drainage in the body. There are also, of course, a number of medical conditions/illnesses that could also cause this. It’s a bit difficult to give you a “quick fix” without having seen you or consulted with you. What I suggest you do is get yourself on to a powerful oral anti-oxidant to boost your skin and your immune system internally. I would highly recommend the Ovelle capsules from Lamelle. I would also suggest something topically to assist in speeding up circulation and drainage, such as Patricia Clarke gel. Also, if any of these bruises are in exposed areas, you are going to need to cover them with a good sunblock to prevent those areas from becoming hyperpigmented. Should you wish one of our doctors or therapists to have a look at your skin, please do not hestate to contact the nearest Skin Renewal branch to you, to book one of our Doctors for a consultation so that we can give you the best plan to treat this problem more actively. We could also put you under our PDT machine to help heal these areas.

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