Question: Hi. I Have VERY Oily & Sensitive Skin Prone To Breakouts, Scars And Spots. What MATTE Foundation And / Or Powder Can I Use To Suit My Skin. NB. I Am Indian- Not All Products Agree With Our Skin.

Hi. I have VERY oily & sensitive skin prone to breakouts, scars and spots. what MATTE foundation and / or powder can i use to suit my skin. NB. I am Indian- not all products agree with our skin.


Hi there. Thanks so much for your enquiry. Yes I can fully appreciate that your skin is a “difficult” one. When it comes to foundations, especially for patients who have sensitive skin, I really feel in my personal opinion that the best foundation I can recommend is Lycogel. It is a treatment foundation (it was designed to be used on patients who have has laser on the face), so it contains anti-inflammatory ingredients (so will bring down the inflammation if you have any breakouts, and will also make the skin less prone to pigment), It contains soothing ingredients, (again this will calm down the sensitivity), it has an SPF 30 rating so it’s protective and will prevent further pigmentation on the skin. This foundation is also completely breathable so it won’t cause any clogging or congestion, and the great thing is that if by some chance you have not managed to cleanse thoroughly, the foundation (because of its design and breathability), does not need to be scrubbed off or totally removed, as it acts like a “ breathable dressing”. It comes in a variety of colours so I’m quite sure you will find a colour that suits you. Because it is a specialised product, you won’t just find it over the counter anywhere. You’re welcome to contact any one of our Skin Renewal Branches and we can assist you should you wish to try the product. Price wise… it is not that much more expensive than what you would end-up paying for any of the top make-up brands.

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