Question: Hi Maureen, I Believe In Looking After Your Skin First And Foremost! What Are Some Ways To Tell If My Skin Is Oily, Dry Or Combination For Sure? Thanks, Carrie

Hi Maureen, I believe in looking after your skin first and foremost! What are some ways to tell if my skin is oily, dry or combination for sure? Thanks, Carrie


Hi there Carrie. Thank-you so much for your question. Truth be told, I’ve moved away from classing the skin in this way. I believe in treating each skin’s condition as a project. No two skins are exactly the same, and therefore I don’t feel it’s appropriate to just stick a skin in a box and hope for the best. I believe that each skin needs at least the following:
1) A good cleanser that encourages cell turn-over.
2) A serum that contains powerful anti-oxidants, for protection from external damage on a daily basis (to be used every morning)
3) A good broad spectrum SPF to be applied every single day.
4) Then at night, you need to feed and hydrate your skin to bring it back into balance. So here you need to use your anti-ageing ingredients and your specialised products (eg your Growth Factors or Pigmentation products or Acne Product etc).
So tell me what bugs you most about your skin. Do you suffer with oiliness in general? Or do you find (like most people), that your skin changes with the seasons? Or do you find that you’re constantly battling with dry skin? Give me info specific to YOUR skin and let’s work out what you need. Alternatively, if you are able to go in to one of our Skin Renewal Branches, rather go have a thorough skin analysis and get the best prescription for your particular skin.

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