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Iam 61 years old . I have a sensitive/ allergy / eczema prone skin with some fine lines on my cheeks and upper lip and wrinkles down the sides of my mouth and jawline. I also have some pigmentation marks as well as enlarged pores on my nose and cheeks and dilated capillaries next to my nose. I have been using Environ C Quence serum 3, C Quence Crème with the Original Cleanser & toner 2 x per day and the Claytech mask 1 x per week for a year in August. I can see no improvement in my skin at all, although I do not get any negative ( allergic or eczema) reaction from this product. Can I switch to the nimue range for sensitive skin. I was told Nimue products have more active ingredients that penetrate the skin and don't just lie on top of the skin. Thank you


Thank-you so much for your enquiry. You can most definately start using more active ingredients. The mature skin certainly needs more help and more activity to keep that skin alive and working as we age. I’m not sure that just using Nimue on its own is necesarily the best option for you. I always cherry pick the best products from various ranges to make up the best overall skin care plan for my patients. So by all means, I am a big fan of Nimue, choose your cleanser, conditioner, and exfoliation products from the Nimue range, but i think when it comes to your serums you need to incorporate growth factors at your age (which Nimue doesn’t have in their range), so simply incorporate a growth factor serum like Lamelle’s serum from the Dermaheal Range. I would also encourage you to use a product or serum that contains a high amount of Vitamin A at night time. Of course sun protection is absolutely vital every single day and Nimue’s sunblock is fantastic.

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