Question: Advice for bloating

What can one do alleviate bloating and what are some of the causes of this?


Bloating is usually a symptom of intestinal malfunction, although sometimes it may be caused by water retention or liver disease, so it is important to have the condition correctly diagnosed. When looking at digestive complaints, there is either a slowing down of the digestive process causing the bloating or an increase in bowel gases, often in combination.

Begin by eating regular smaller meals bridged with healthy small gluten-free snacks. Follow an alkaline diet and add probiotics and fibre to your morning breakfast routine. Try to avoid processed and very spicy foods, lower your sugar intake and avoid gaseous soft drinks. Drink plenty of water and choose tea over coffee. Some patients benefit from food allergy testing and exclusion diets. A great nutritional supplement to ease bloating and cramps is artichoke extract.

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