Question: Are expensive beauty products more effective?

Hi Dr Allem, is the price of a beauty product directly related to its efficacy? Is there such a thing as an affordable product that offers great results, and an expensive, luxurious product that doesn't have good results? I've used drugstore products that worked wonderfully and high-end products that didn't.


This is actually quite an interesting question. If you’re purely going to compare products on price, you have to take into account where that product comes from. Sometimes we see products that are very expensive, they have excellent marketing and we assume therefore, that they must be excellent products. But on closer inspection, you’ll find the product has been imported from the States or from Europe, so the exchange rate and the marketing outlay is what has hiked the price up. So I would say that is the 1st thing that you should look at. The second thing you should look at is WHERE the brand is sold. Expensive brands that are sold in department stores, in most cases (certainly not all cases)… are imported brands that simply cost so much because of the rand-dollar or rand-euro exchange rate. If you are investigating the brand and find it is sold by a doctor or dermatologist or an aesthetics practice where you receive a proper consultation and analysis of your skin, you are likely to find that the products are expensive because of their high concentrations of active ingredients and because of the labs they are formulated in. If you really want bang for your buck, and you want a brilliant product that is locally manufactured and want to be sure you are getting good quality, high concentration of actives, then a brand I can highly recommend is Lamelle. They have various ranges for various concerns and conditions within their brand and the products yield excellent results. You can Lamelle and many other great brands at Skin Renewal aesthetic practices nationwide.

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