Question: What’s your take on slimming pills?

What's your take on slimming pills? I want to try them cos it's hard for me to lose weight due to PCOS.


Slimming pills fall into a variety of different types. We have holistic slimming pills such as green coffee bean, conjugated lineloic acid and ephedra; and allopathic pills such as appetite suppressants, fat blockers and metabolic enhancers. Depending on your current health status, medical conditions, diet, level of activity and any other medications and supplements that you are taking, one can select the safest and most effective slimming pill for you. In polycystic ovary syndrome, there are hormone imbalances which lead to weight gain and one can even control your weight through management of insulin resistance and estrogen dominance. I would advise that you consult a functional medicine doctor who will take a holistic and personal approach to your situation and place you on a comprehensive weight control program. Wishing you a healthy year ahead.

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