Question: Do I have adrenal fatigue?

Hi there, I am just wondering if I should be testing myself for adrenal fatigue. I know it is not a registered syndrome per se, but I have recently been tested for everything else under the sun except this. I have chronic fatigue, pain in the legs when walking, blurry vision, low blood pressure, jaw grinding, recurrent sinus infections. This all happened recently, after my life has calmed down after being HIGHLY stressed and through a lot of trauma through many years. Would this be down to my adrenal? I have now cut out caffeine and smoking and am slowly weaning off sugar, hoping this will help. I would like to know it it's worth the expensive cost of testing my adrenals, or if I'd be better off doing the naturalistic remedies for this such as a more relaxed lifestyle, calm exercise such as yoga, enough sleep, taking in licorice root and having a healthier diet.


So many people are experiencing adrenal stress. You are correct in that the adrenal fatigue syndrome is not yet recognized as an official condition, however in Integrative and Functional medicine we recognize four stages of adrenal fatigue. It is important to know in which stage of adrenal fatigue you are currently at, in order to design the most effective recovery plan. Visit your Functional Practitioner to give a detailed medical history and they will determine which blood tests to order to save on expenses for you. I usually recommend at least testing your cortisol, DHEAs and testosterone levels in the early morning. Holistic and Ayurvedic treatments are extremely effective in recovery from adrenal fatigue, but should be applied to the stage of adrenal fatigue specifically. That is excellent news on reducing your caffeine, sugar and nicotine intake and it is interesting to note that in adrenal fatigue with low blood pressure, increasing salt and carbohydrate intake can be beneficial in recovery, along with healthy diet and lifestyle changes. Remember not to exercise strenuously while recovering from adrenal fatigue. Wishing you a complete recovery!

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