Question: Question from Marize De Klerk

Dr Allem I looked at L'Oreal's new Revitalift Laser cream today, but it doesn't contain any sunscreen. Does this mean you have to wear it together with a daycream containing a sunscreen? Say like L'Oreal's Revitalift? Or another kind of sunsreen? I have a slightly oily skin and do some camerawork, but wearing daycream with sunscreen and sometimes lipstick is as far as my make-up and beauty routine go. I don't have time for more. And in any case I hate the feeling of thick stuff on my skin. Are you the right person to ask this question to? Sorry I am not big into these beauty things. Thank you for your time. Marize


Hi there Marize

Thank you so much for your question. Whatever day cream you choose is completely dependent on whether or not you’re happy with what it does for your skin. So if you feel you are happy with what the Revitalift Laser cream does for you, then that is great, BUT you do have to put sun protection on over your moisturiser. I see you are not a fan of too many layers or “thick creams” on your skin… so in that case I would suggest you consider getting yourself the Heliocare Oil-free Gel sun protection product as it is very light, non-sticky and it’s a brilliant sunblock. So you would apply your moisturiser and then your sun protection on top of that. PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions. If you need help sourcing Heliocare, you can find it at any one of the Skin Renewal branches. You can locate your nearest branch at

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