Basic Brushes

Brush basicsYou don’t need a whole brush kit to be able to apply your make-up like a pro. Get down to basics with these five make-up brushes.

1. Powder brush – This large soft-bristle brush is great for applying make-up to large areas of the face. It works best with the use of mineral powders or powder foundations and can also be used to apply a light dusting of bronzer over one’s face.

2. Multi-purpose brush – This is a great brush to use for applying bronzer or when using a shimmer brick. If you prefer blusher this brush also works well.

3. Eye shadow/blending brush – This dome-shaped brush is perfect to use if you want to be picking up lots of pigment and colour. It is particularly good to use when creating a smoky eye. It’s soft on the eyelid, and great to smooth and blend colours with.

4. Lip brush – If you’re a perfectionist and love a defined lip then this is the brush for you. It allows for controlled application and will leave you with a perfectly contoured lip line. Also useful for getting that last bit of colour out of your lipstick!

5. Slanted eye brush – This brush can double up as an eyebrow brush and blending brush. Use it to fill in your eyebrows, highlight under the brow line or apply colour under the brow bone. Also great to use for blending eye shadow that’s settled into any crease lines.

Ear buds are great for emergency applications of make-up, but try giving a brush a go, you’ll see how much better your make-up looks!


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  1. Great tips, good quality brushes are so important not only for application but the amount that you end up using.

  2. I Splurged and bought some decent brushes. Got tired of the cheap ones at the local shops that loses its sponges, hair etc. It also makes a difference in the finish – I believe!

  3. need to get myself a muli purpose brush. and lol love the earbud suggestion never thought of it lol

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