Beauty Blunders

Beauty blundersWe’ve all been there, done that, made the beauty mistake. We asked’s make-up experts for their advice on common beauty and make-up mistakes they’ve come across and how to avoid them. This is what they had to say.

Aadilah Bhula’s common mistakes

1. Mistake: Too much foundation resulting in a cakey, thick look.

Quick fix: Use a lightweight foundation; the best is a gel or liquid foundation. Apply a little at a time, blending from your forehead down to your chin. This will ensure you get a smooth, natural finish.

2. Mistake: Blue eye shadow and pink lips.

Quick fix: Focus on one area, ladies! If you are going for a dramatic smoky eye, calm down on the lips. Go for a nude lip to complement the look. And vice versa: if you are wearing a bold red lip, keep the eyes natural.

3. Mistake: Blush in the wrong area of your face making you look flushed and a lot rounder than you really are!

Quick Fix: Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. If you don’t know where those apples are, smile and apply blush to where your cheek bones are most accentuated. Make sure that the colour suits your skin tone. You can do this by gently pinching your cheeks and matching the blush to the colour you get.

Kaylynn Lewin’s common mistakes

1. Mistake: Using the wrong shade of lip liner

Quick fix: Always choose a lip liner in the same colour as the lipstick you are wearing, but go for one shade darker. If you are wearing a mocha lipstick go for a dark brown lip liner.

2. Mistake: Foundation in the wrong colour

Quick fix: Try three different shades of foundation on your jaw line allowing it to go down to your neck. Rub them in and see which shade disappears. The one that you can’t see anymore is the one you want. Also make sure you go out into natural light once you have applied your foundation to see that it is the correct shade.’s common mistakes:

1. Mistake: Too much bronzer

Quick fix: You want to look sun kissed not sun wrecked. Apply a light dusting of bronzer to your skin for a subtle glow.

2. Mistake: Badly applied self tan

Quick Fix: Make sure you exfoliate your body first. Test a bit of the colour on a patch of skin that can’t be seen. Make sure that it is indeed the right colour for you and that it won’t leave you looking like an orange. Or go to a salon and let a professional do it for you.



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  1. Great tips :-) My problem is that sometimes the lights at the beauty counters at department stores are deceiving. When u step outside the mall u realise that the foundation that looked good in the shop doesn’t look good when u outdoors :-(

  2. Thanks for the tips! Great article…Self tan I would rather go to a Salon to have it done properly, cant be walking around with Orange legs! not sexy lol

  3. I have seen so many ladies make the mistakes mentioned in the article above – that is why I stick to basics and natural colours only. So much easier and much less stresses that you might end up looking like a clown

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Congrats to our November 2023 winners

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