Empro Day & Night mascara: our review

Empro Day & Night mascaraThe best thing about this mascara is that it’s actually two different mascaras in one, each with its own brush, so you can choose which look you’d like to go for. The subtler ‘day’ look is pretty and fresh, giving lashes lots of length, but without making them appear too much thicker. My favourite, though, is the vamped up and dramatic ‘night’ look which emphasises lash volume over length and is more sultry and sexy than bright-eyed and natural. I even opt for this one during the day. Why not? Another great thing about it is the shimmery white packaging, which – aside from being quite feminine – makes it easy to find in the dark depths of my handbag.

The Empro Day & Night mascara costs R169 and is available at all Placeol salons or contact Placecol’s customer liner: 0861 11 22 22


5 Responses

  1. I use Empro mascara for years now…where can I find it? The rep says its discontinued…is it true?

  2. Hi Humphreys,
    Apologies for the oversight. We’ve added the price and stockists now.

  3. It would be great if reviews can accompany stockists along with an estimated price. Just a tip.

  4. A coat of good mascara on your lashes always makes a woman feel amazing, where can we get this from?

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