BIOPLUS® VIT-ALITY: Trust the experts and get FUEL4LIFE!

BIOPLUS® VIT-ALITY: Trust the experts and get FUEL4LIFE! 1

The demands of the 21st century take their toll on all of us, and 2020 has been a year filled with additional pandemic curveballs we could never have dreamed, we’d have to face. The challenge of staying healthy has seen many scrambling for any form of vitamin and mineral supplementation available; this at a time where expert advice and quality products should be our top priority.

Rising to the challenge, leading pharmaceutical company, Adcock Ingram (Pty) Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of BIOPLUS® VIT-ALITY, a new daily vitamin and mineral supplement range. Well known for giving South Africans an energy boost when they need it most, the new BIOPLUS® VIT-ALITY range is formulated by the South African experts of instant energy supplements.

For those who wonder why they should supplement when they’re eating quite healthily, here are the facts: Vitamins are organic, and can be broken down by heat, air, or acid. Minerals are inorganic, and hold on to their chemical structure. While minerals easily find their way into our bodies through the food we consume, vitamins have a tougher journey, as they can become inactive due to cooking, storage and exposure to air. The body needs at least 30 vitamins and dietary components which it cannot sufficiently manufacture on its own in sufficient amounts. The BIOPLUS® VIT-ALITY range expertly addresses the needs of our bodies, supplying a solution for sustainable energy.

BIOPLUS® VIT-ALITY: Trust the experts and get FUEL4LIFE! 2

BIOPLUS® VIT-ALITY MULTI-VITAMIN, -MINERAL & ANTIOXIDANT includes the clever addition of extra Vitamin B and Ginseng, said to reduce fatigue and enhance stamina and endurance. BIOPLUS® VIT-ALITY C 1000 MG helps to bolster the immune system. BIOPLUS® VIT-ALITY B6+B12 reduces fatigue and tiredness. BIOPLUS® VIT-ALITY D3 contributes to healthy bone and teeth maintenance. BIOPLUS® VIT-ALITY MAGNESIUM PLUS FATIGUE & CRAMP FIGHTER promotes energy and muscle health, and BIOPLUS® VIT-ALITY OMEGA 3 1000 MG supports brain function.

The BIOPLUS® VIT-ALITY range is available at selected Dis-Chem and Clicks stores, as well as selected independent pharmacies nationwide.

For more information, join the conversation on Facebook and visit

Get FUEL4LIFE: entrust your wellbeing to the experts!

This post was sponsored by BIOPLUS.

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2 Responses

  1. Just what I need to strengthen my immune system after a protracted stay in hospital

  2. This is just what I need during this time of Covid-19 as my domestic does not come to work and I do all the cleaning myself. I cannot allow her to come to work as I cannot guarantee her safety as well as the safety of my family. Although she does not work she gets her full salary each month. Therefore I need energy that only Bioplus can guarantee me.

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