Childhood smells

Childhood smellsI don’t remember much about my childhood, let alone the smells. Allure’s editorial assistant, however, does…

Some people say that perfume should smell like seduction; others, like confidence. But according to Nicole Richie, it should remind us of childhood. Not that she means Crayolas and Jolly Ranchers. The inspirations for her first fragrance were memories of her mother’s ‘exotic’ lotions and ‘sensual cashmere’. (Sounds like some very sophisticated formative years to me.)

I love this Proustian approach to scent, and recently I’ve noticed that many of my favorite perfumes have notes that I remember from growing up. Serge Lutens Fleurs D’Oranger reminds me of my hometown, surrounded by Florida orange blossoms. L’Eau de Chloé conjures summers spent by the pool drinking lemonade. Chanel No. 22 brings to mind the patch of overgrown jasmine in my parents’ front yard. The connection makes these creations not only beautiful, but also personal – like Prousts madeleine.

What about you? If your childhood were a perfume, what would it be?

Written by Alexandra Owens, this article originally appeared in Allure.

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22 Responses

  1. Peaches, vanilla and freshly cut grass… The smell of rain, watermelon and new born puppies…think they could bottle that?

  2. My grandparents have this tree in their yard, Don’t ask me the name as I have NO idea. But this tree has little white flowers and everytime I go visit them I run straight to that tree to smell these little white beauties! I wish I could bottle their essence!!

  3. i used johnsons baby products right to the age of 10 lol, i would say that and vanilla, coz it reminds me of how innocent i smelt and the vanilla is coz of my mums yummy baking!!

  4. We had lots of red roses and Jasmine in our garden when i was growing up and i think my love for roses and floral scents come from.

  5. Definitely agree with the Chanel No. 22 – jasmine reminds me of spring. Would also like fragrances that bring to mind the smell of rain and anything with vetiver gets my vote.

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