Dove Intensive Repair Deep Repair Treatment Mask Trial Team

Dove Intensivke Repair Mas

Pricing: R52.99
Availability: leading retail stores

What our Beauty Network Trial Team members say:
The packaging is classy and attractive. Easy to open but a bit messy though, I would suggest a foil covering for this. The treatment has a beautiful fresh smell, while it feels soft and smooth. Dove’s Intensive Repair Deep Repair Treatment Mask was easy to apply and such a pleasure to massage onto my hair. My hair felt soft and smooth the minute I applied it, and was easy to rinse and comb. My hair still had that lovely smell and was left looking and feeling healthy, soft, smooth and manageable afterwards. The treatment added great shine as well. It’s amazing!

‘The 200ml is good value for money and lasts long and shows fabulous results. What’s great about this product is it restores, repairs and protects, promoting healthier and gorgeous-looking hair. This is definitely something I will continue using and I advise all the ladies to try.’
– Tanya

‘I am very fanatical about hair and always do my best to keep my hair in top shape. I strongly believe in using a hair mask at least once a week to keep my hair moisturized, which is why I was thrilled to be able to review the Dove Intensive Repair Deep Repair Treatment Mask. I was surprisingly pleased with the results I saw, not because I do not trust Dove, but because of the price being so reasonable. The packaging is plain and simple and while I would have preferred to have the mask in a squeeze bottle, this was purely a minor “but” – I suppose it’s because I shower when I wash my hair and opening a tub in the shower is a pain. The contents are really thick so no need to use a lot and I could immediately feel how soft my hair felt.

‘My hair is looking healthy with a great shine and honestly far easier to manage (I suffer with bad knots in my hair). I might also add that the amazing smell of the mask was still very much in my hair two days later. I will definitely be buying another tub of Dove when mine is finished ☺.’
– Cat

‘I was given the Dove Intensive Repair Deep Repairing Mask to review and because I have always had hard luck finding a product that suits my hair type, I was skeptical… Well not anymore!

‘Dove gets full marks for a great product. I loved the smell as it was not too overpowering but lingered in my hair for a long time. It applied well and was smooth and not greasy at all (which was a plus for me!). I also did not have to use too much to get the desired result. My hair has not felt this good in ages and it did not go unnoticed. I’ve used the product thrice and it does what it says it will do, repair! I’ve noticed less hair fall and my hair is more manageable and softer. The product is not pricey at all and is a good buy. On the down side, the packaging was rather bulky and the sharp edging did not work for me. Maybe Dove should think of a squirt bottle? Overall the product was wonderful and I will definitely buy this in future.’
– Sam



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  1. I totally love this product. It really helps to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. I use it in conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner to better results.

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