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Create easy bun styles for any occasion

Create easy bun styles for any occasion 2
The classic bun is one of the easiest hairstyles to do and if executed correctly, it’s perfect for just about any occasion. A side, centred, octopus or messy bun is easy to achieve and as a bonus works really well when your hair is at least a day old. For any up-style it’s best to allow your hair’s natural oil to play a role in making sure it stays in place, and nobody had to tell us twice! Celebs have been all about low maintenance hair, so it’s time to perfect these lazy-girl hairstyles and add some serious star power to your look.

You will need:

*Hair pins
*Hair spray
*A reliable hair band
soft bristle brush
*Serum or hair oil

Style 1: The low bun
Create easy bun styles for any occasion 3

This style can be super sophisticated for a glam event, or just a great way to experiment with another look other than having your tresses hang loose. Keep things sleek and this could easily be a red carpet-ready look, or go for a high bun à la Rihanna, who stole the show with both styles at the Cannes Film Festival.

1. Part your hair in your desired position and separate the front from the back. You’ll basically have to keep everything from the ears forward out of the way.

2. Apply a bit of serum to your mid lengths and ends and brush all of your hair together into a position at the back of your head that’ll be comfortable for you. Secure your hair with the hair band using a hair band that’s covered with a fabric and not just raw rubber. These are very damaging and can break your hair and cause serious split ends. Make sure that you are happy with it because it can feel uncomfortable after you’ve started putting in all the pins and you need to set it. Taking apart all your hard work will be the last thing you want to do.

3. Now that you have the back of your hair out of the way, separate it into two sections and brush it so each section is completely smooth. Start twisting the one and then rolling it around your hair band. Secure with pins as you go along. Repeat this with the other piece. Add a bit of hairspray to set it.

4. Gently tease the top of the hair which you’ve previously left out to give you a bit of height and set with a light spritz of hair spray. Start taking this hair back and rolling it around your bun and secure with pins. Once you’ve taken back every piece of hair and smoothed away all the stray hairs, you can add a little more spray to finish it off.

Style 2: The Octopus bun

Create easy bun styles for any occasion 4

Basically a normal bun, but the “cool kids” have renamed it and it already sounds like a stylish alternative to washing your hair. Second-day-hair never looked so good. Because perfection is totally meh, the octopus bun allows you to scrunch up all your hair and leave a section of the ends flying free (instead of struggling to tuck it in for a perfect bun), much like a tentacle. Kendall Jenner even rocked it at a Cannes Film Festival red carpet (main image above), so you know you’ll be in good company.

1. Comb your hair and pull it all up (like you’re about to do a high ponytail). You can even create a separate layer and part your hair in the middle to add more body, like Kendall. Chances are you’ve rocked this very look before heading into the shower, but trust us.

2. Create a ‘loop’ with the lengths of your hair and secure with a pretty hair band. This will leave the ends of your hair haphazardly splayed out, much like octopus tentacles!

3. Apply some serum for a sleek look. Et voilà!

Style 3: The Messy bun

Create easy bun styles for any occasion 5
Effortless chic – that takes a surprising amount of effort, but it’s worth it. This versatile up-do will create beautiful body for a night out and help get you through the week when you really just can’t with your hair. You can throw in a few accessories to add a bit of sparkle or drama to your style. Anything from flowers, jewels and other hair accessories will do. You don’t have to be as strict with this style because it’s softer and a lot more fun. Leave a few pieces of hair hanging around your face for a soft, romantic look.

1. Run you fingers through your hair until all your hair is in place at the back of your hand, then secure with your hair band. Once this is done you could pull some of your hair out gently to give a bit of height without tidying it all up. Remember not to pull the hair all the way out of the hair band, but rather just enough to give some lift at the top. Spray lightly with hair spray.

2. Work a bit of serum through the mid-lengths and ends and using your hair pins to secure it, roll pieces of hair around your ponytail. The messier and less tight, the better. Even leaving a few strands to fly around in this instance is acceptable.

3. When you’ve pinned up all your hair, set with hairspray and add your accessories to it. This bun could even be done as a low side bun for day and a centred bun for night time.

Play around with some simple make-up tricks to complement these styles and transform your look from layed-back to glam.


5 Responses

  1. love the octopus bun, need to try that. i usually make a “doughnut” bun because i have really long hair and it takes a few attempts to get it to “set” right. The octopus bun looks effortless and will save me loads more time :)

  2. This is really nice but nothing new though. Been rocking these kinda buns forever lol.

  3. My absolute favourite hairstyle because I hate hair in my face although it’s mainly the low bun. Will give the others a try for variety.

  4. I rock the messy bun when I don’t feel like doing my hair lol. Looks very fashionable and on trend.

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