Dermikelp® Topical Cream Trial Team


DermikelpPrice: R44.95
Size: 25g
Availability: Selected pharmacies nationwide

What our Beauty Network Trial Team members say:
The cream was absolutely amazing! It Really made a difference and gave me much comfort as I often have allergic reactions and also with my skin being so over sensitive this cream worked wonders. I will most definitely be purchasing it and I have told my friends about it :)
– Halima

So I assumed this product was to assist in the healing of eczema, but found it to be more of a soother to the actual itching caused by eczema.

I found the product to definitely assist with the uncomfortable itching, but only for a short time and did notice a difference after applying. It does burn a bit if skin is scratched open but the sting does not last long at all. Luckily there is no unpleasant sharp smell and the texture was smooth and soothing.

I would purchase this product again (depending on the price of course) and would recommend it to people with similar problems.
– Lisle

Dermikelp is a cream to soothe itchy irritated skin. It can also be used for other skin conditions and insect bites. I was using it for eczema on 3 of my fingers. It comes in a plastic tube and the cream squeezes out easily and without any mess.

It has a light consistency and non-greasy feeling on the skin. The cream hardly has any smell. The tube is packaged in a box, which clearly indicates the uses of the cream with pictures and big writing and simple layout. The blue and green colours on the tube and box make the product look fresh and light.

I started using the cream 2 weeks ago and have not noticed a big improvement. The cream needs to be applied often for it to be effective as it doesn’t last long and seems to get absorbed very quickly and the skin becomes dry again. If the skin condition is severe perhaps Dermikelp needs to be used in conjunction with another cream or a stronger cream needs to be used on the skin.
– Sonia

I was fortunate enough to participate in the trial of Dermikelp Cream. I have eczema on my hands which when bad, cracks open and normally requires complete covering. At the time of the trial my hands had a slight breakout but not bad enough to cover. On receiving the cream I started using it. By the second day my hands had such a bad reaction I was no longer able to use the cream. I actually had to use cortisone to heal my hands. I therefore did not continue with the cream as it made my eczema worse. A bit disappointing but altogether a lesson learnt not to just use anything on my hands. The packing and the product looks visually ok.  I have kept the cream to use for the other items mentioned on the cover, but at this stage have not had time to use it.
– Charmaine

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4 Responses

  1. I would like to try this cream. I have eczema on my left hand and psoriasis close to my left elbow – will this cream help? I have tried a number of creams, from chemical to natural. Some seem to help, but only for a little while, and then it flares up again. I wish I could find something to will take it away completely, as it is very embarrassing when my boyfriend wants to hold my hand and I end up running around him so he can hold my right hand instead.

  2. I have not heard of this cream before. I feel that a cream for eczema needs to be a thicker emollient type cream that will soothe the skin. Thanks for the honest reviews though.

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