Dunhill Desire Black Trial Team

Dunhill Desire Black

Price: R665
Size: 50ml
Availability: Leading retailers nationwide

What our Beauty Network Trial Team members say:
What a manly fragrance! When I first opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised to find a bottle representing a “hipflask”.  It looked very attractive, manly and once I flipped the cap to smell, the cologne inside did not disappoint.

It’s got a dark, herbal with some wood (yet not overpowering) smell to it and my wife was immediately drawn to the scent. It’s a scent that lasts throughout the day, so only a few sprays in the morning will last you the whole day – which is great, because that means the bottle will also last a while.

This is definitely a product worth purchasing.  Some of my friends are already keeping an eye on the shelf for the product to be available.  And a hint for all you ladies – a great Father’s Day gift!

Firstly, a short glimpse at a very trendy bottle catches the eye in the store. The black and silver colour provides a modern look that will blend in easily with your wardrobe.

The physical design allows you to grip the bottle firmly, so you don’t drop your favourite cologne when you are in a hurry. The amount of cologne exerted in a single spray to each area is ample to last the day.

The long lasting cologne makes you feel more confident about yourself. It has a good strength in the scent: one that is fresh and spicy at the same time. The spicy scent is mild and does not hurt the senses. Those who like the fresh scent can certainly try this for a change.

You will definitely love it as I do, being a fresh fanatic. This is definitely a brilliant and more desirable cologne over other top brands. Get noticed with Dunhill Desire Black, and make yourself desirable as ever, I certainly did!

This is the latest fragrance from the Dunhill stable, following on from the original Desire and Desire Blue.

It is a decided departure from these fragrances, being of an oriental nature with a woody and spicy accord.

I found it to be very citrusy, with a strong grapefruit overtone and a sharp tang of freshly ground Black Pepper. Overall it is a very refreshing masculine scent that is very easy to wear daily.

I have tried a few different Dunhill fragrances and so far I have enjoyed them all. I find the Dunhill Desire Black perfume spicier than some of the others I have used, and it’s also very long lasting. I could still smell traces of it even after I showered. It has a warm smell (must be due to the spicier ingredients), which makes it great for winter.

I like the matte black finish of the bottle, and I particularly like the bottle cap. I always seem to lose the caps of my fragrances, and as this one is attached to the bottle, it’s very practical. The combination of the black and silver packaging looks very elegant.

I am very impressed by the quality of the Dunhill fragrances, and of the ones I’ve used, I think this might be my favourite.
– Marius

The packaging for one of Dunhill’s latest fragrances is clean and understated with a silver band set around the base of the matte black box. Perhaps on purpose, this arrangement has been swapped around in that the matte black bottle has a silver band set around its top. The latter is also accented with a hip flask latch that lifts to uncover the vaporiser outlet.

Fairly oriental and woody, the fragrance opens with black pepper, bergamot and grapefruit.  This lingers over hints of saffron, cypress and rose which are given a solid footing on vetiver, olibanum and amber.

Be warned, the fragrance is incredibly concentrated and just half a sprits will be enough to last a work day. Spicy as it is, the fragrance is best suited for cold winter nights out – just don’t confuse it for your sherry hip-flask!
– Julian


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