Expert: Dr Maurits Kruger

Dr Maurits Kruger is a registered Homeopath and Iridologist with a special interest in Anti-aging and Functional medicine. He obtained his Masters degree in Homeopathy from the University of Johannesburg in 2006. Dr Kruger managed the Weleda pharmacy in Bryanston during his years as a student, and developed an intense passion for the practice of Functional and Anti-aging medicine during this time. He has been in private practice in Bryanston for nearly 10 years and has also worked as a consultant for a top nutraceutical manufacturer and importer for the past 6 years. As a consultant Dr Kruger regularly trained other Functional medicine doctors on specialized products and treatment protocols, and developed several effective treatment protocols himself. Dr Kruger is a member of the South African Society of Integrative Medicine (SASIM) and the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).

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What is the best product on the market for dark circles under the eyes?

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