Explosion of colour


Time to look on the bright side! Vibrant nail varnishes are set to have their moment in the sun this season. From electric yellows to bursts of fuchsia, here are some of our favourite confident colours.

Make a statement!

Try ORLY’s Color Blast in Florescent Fuchsia or Peach Pastel Neon, R106 each. We’re sure that one look at these on your nails will brighten your mood.

Morgan Taylor has launched the Summer 2016 Street Beat collection, an eye-catching array of bright colours. The six shades include powerful pinks, fierce teal and our favourite, Hip Hop Coral. They are available at R138 each in selected salons, spas and retailers nationwide.

Essence has an assortment of tantalising tints. We love the amazing gel shine. It offers perfect coverage and the innovative colour technology guarantees intensive colour – all for the bargain price of R29,95 each.


After picking our perfect colour, we had a quick chat with ORLY SA’s nail technology educator, Charmaine Kay, who gave us some tips on how to get the best results when doing your own nails.

  1. File to shape and lightly buff nails with a soft buffer. Always use smooth, soft grit files on natural nails (the rougher the nail file grit, the greater the risk of splitting the tips of your beautiful natural nails).
  2. Wipe the nail with an alcohol blend. This will remove dust residue and oils and improve adhesion. Use ORLY Prime Time, R210, as a maintenance treatment. Rubbing alcohol onto your nail works great as well.
  3. Apply a base coat and cap the tip of the nail to seal the free edge. Something like ORLY Bonder rubberised base coat, R116, works wonders to create a non-chip layer that will stick to the lacquer.
  4. Apply two to three coats of lacquer and always work in thin layers. Thick layers will lead to more chipping. The thinner, the better.
  5. Patience, dear beauties – always allow polish to dry properly! There are no shortcuts. The old tricks of dipping nails into ice water and fanning might speed things up, but causes improper drying. This results in chipping and you could also get the dreaded “bed print” caused by trapped layers of wet polish. If you’re in a hurry, get a good fast-dry top coat like ORLY Sec’n Dry (R116 for 9ml). Or kill two birds with one stone with ORLY’s Top to Bottom (R116 for 9ml) base and top coat.

So nail it with a bright and bold look this summer!

Buy ORLY online from www.indiglow.co.za or contact 021 945 2566.

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10 Responses

  1. The essence is well-priced and works better than most nail polishes that cost more. I love the variety of amazing colours they have!

  2. Morgan Taylor is sublime, but expensive. I am a nail tech, I cant say I have many essence polishes, their bottles are very small. I don’t think its my favourite brand but cute for teens.

  3. Love using Essence nail polish! They really have such a great selection and for good prices too!

  4. I use essence but sometimes it’s a letdown. It’s great quality for the price.

  5. I love Morgan Taylor but it’s way too expensive. So I always buy Essence – they are great but sometimes I am a little disappointed.

  6. I absolutely love Essence nail polishes! SUPER affordable, a great range of colors, with more colors that are released seasonally in limited editions ranges and stunning pigmentation! An awesome product with an equally awesome price tag is always a win!

  7. I’ve used the Orly nail polishes in my beauty salon and it’s an absolute favourite with the clients! They loved all the bright colours. Great products to use.

  8. Essence is always my go-to for nail polishes! They are just such a great brand.

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