Shweshwe inspired nail art


From kente to shweshwe – African prints are funky, colourful and lots of fun. Thanks to its timeless popularity, shweshwe print has been called the denim or tartan of South Africa.

There are loads of ways to rock African fabric, but with Heritage Day just around the corner we asked the experts at Dream Nails to give them a beauty twist and create a look inspired by the prints. The result: ‘Leave the braai to the boys… and let your heritage nails make a noise’. We think they nailed the brief!

It only looks hard. Rostica van den Berg, who created the nail art, says the trick here is to dip a toothpick into polish to create perfect little dots. Use different colours and place the dots in any design you want. Create curves, circles or straight lines. For the tiniest dots, sharpen your toothpick by shaving off a piece of the tip with a nail file. For bigger dots, flatten the other side with the nail file until the thickness is right.

Here’s a guide to follow. Happy heritage nails, beauties!


Go to for more tutorials or to find a Dream Nails salon near you.



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7 Responses

  1. This looks so cool, definitely, something I’d try especially if I am going to traditional weddings.

  2. Good day,

    Where can I purchase these shweshwe nails? so that I can do it myself.


    1. Hi Pauline

      Please visit to see how you can reacreate this look at home.

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