Fighting breast cancer with ghd’s Ink On Pink Collection

Fighting breast cancer with ghd’s Ink On Pink Collection 1

Every year we wait anxiously to see what ghd is going to bring to the table for their limited edition pink styler. For the past 15 years they have been supporting breast cancer charities by donating a portion of the sales from their annual pink styler to various initiatives, such as PinkDrive in South Africa. So far they have raised over R260 million globally!

This year’s stylers are unlike anything we’ve seen from ghd before. Introducing: My Tattoo, My Story. ghd has joined forces with Chicago-based tattoo artist David Allen to bring us the beautifully designed 2019 Ink On Pink Collection. But to everyone wondering, David is so much more than a regular tattoo artist. In 2010 he began tattooing mastectomy scars to help breast cancer survivors reclaim their femininity and take back control of their bodies.

His work uses design principles that help draw attention away from the scarring thanks to his unique detailed floral patterns. Each and every design is a true piece of art. But what impresses us the most s David’s drive to bring joy to women who have suffered one of life’s most traumatic experiences.

“If you think of hairstylists and the time they spend with their clients – the validation that happens when you hear someone’s story, when you’re listening, when you’re present… That matters. There’s healing in that,” David says. Through his art he is able to restore women’s confidence and remind them that they are feminine and beautiful, regardless of what they’ve been through. It’s easy to understand why ghd and David are such a perfect fit.

Fighting breast cancer with ghd’s Ink On Pink Collection 2

As part of this year’s unique campaign, ghd shared the stories of Molly and Grace, two breast cancer survivors who trusted David to conceal their scars and help them reclaim their bodies. Grace was a mom of three and only 35 years old when she was diagnosed and went through a double mastectomy. Molly was diagnosed at the tender age of 31, and underwent her double mastectomy shortly thereafter. Grace and Molly’s resilience and bravery is an inspiration to all women, and is testimony that a woman’s body is beautiful despite anything it may go through.

The Ink On Pink Collection consists of the ghd Platinum+ Styler (R3400) and the ghd Gold Styler (R2800). Both showcase the original design by David Allen, and with the purchase of either of these, R100 is donated to PinkDrive.

With this collection ghd aims to inspire, encourage and raise awareness to a cause close to their hearts. If you’re in the market for a ghd styler, now is the time to get your hands on one.


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