Five hairstyles to be seen in this summer

Whether you’re off to a party or an afternoon with your girls, summer is the perfect time to show off your in-the-moment hairstyle. Here, a round up of the best looks to try:

The German cut / Cut to fit
When actress Lupita Nyong’o launched into the spotlight with a retro hair cut last year, she made the Grace Jones look of the 80’s the comeback hairstyle of the season. Local singer Nandi Mngoma also wears this look, only a little edgier.

Beauty tip: Short, natural ethnic hair tends to be quite brittle so do regular moisture and protein treatments at least once every 10 to 14 days. Nourish your scalp with hair food and use a moisturising sheen spray when styling, leaving it healthy and soft.



Colour me bold
Auburn, rich copper and radiant plums are head-turning shades for summer, whether it’s highlights or a full colour. It enhances any hairstyle without requiring too much effort.

Beauty tip: Ask your hairstylist to choose a colour that complements your complexion. Wait at least two weeks after chemically-processing your hair before adding colour. A double chemical process, which is relaxing and colouring or perming and colouring, strips off the natural oils of your hair, making it dry and brittle. Do regular moisture treatments to prevent breakage. Condition your hair after each treatment to seal the hair cuticles.
Try Perfect Choice Avocado treatment. For a rich, vibrant and lasting colour try Dark & Lovely Hair Colour in Rich Copper, R29.95.


The mohawk
Short hair takes years off your look, making you look fresh, younger and radiant.

Beauty tip: Have your cut done professionally to help define your facial features. To keep it looking fresh, trim the edges regularly.
Try Easy Waves Styling Gel, R14.99, for smooth edges.


The sleek pony
It’s the most convenient and clean hairstyle to do while dabbling between hair dos. For a smooth finish, ask your hairstylist to relax your hair or go for a moisturising treatment.
For a sleek finish with no flakes, try Organics Roots Stimulator Smooth-N-Hold Pudding, R69.99.


There really is no time during the party season and a fuss-free hairstyle is ideal. Cornrows are easy to maintain while promoting hair growth, provided that there is no pulling of natural hair when doing them.
Try Avon Moisturising Oil Sheen, R39.99, for healthy-looking hair and scalp.


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