Get rid of frizz: part 2

Get rid of frizz: part 2There were so many tips, we had to split it into two parts. If you missed yesterday’s, catch up….


8. NEVER use a brush

Skip the hairbrush – separate your curls and define your hair style with a wide-toothed comb or your fingers. Don’t brush your hair – EVER! Get yourself a wide-toothed comb and comb your hair while it’s wet (you may want to comb the conditioner through in the shower to help with tangles). Brushing while wet will break your hair, and brushing while dry is a curly hair sin.

9. Don’t touch your hair

Don’t touch your hair even though it’s tempting! The more you play with and tousle your hair during the day, the more frizz you’re going to get. If you need to, you can perform a mid-day touch up by moistening broken curls and wrapping them around your finger to reshape them.

10. A pomade is great for mid-day touch ups

Pomade is great for controlling frizz and even repelling humidity – if you use the right product. Use these products very sparingly by emulsifying the hair pomade into your palms until it’s barely there. Then skim gently over the surface of the hair, coaxing stray hairs into the natural waves where they are supposed to be. Follow through to the ends for best definition… and don’t forget about the back. Certain pomades combat puffy, frizzy hair. Pomades do not harden in the hair, and because they are rather thick, work well to define the hair while controlling fly-aways, which will make your hair appear smoother. Pomades also weigh the hair down slightly, keeping it from appearing so puffy.

11. Apply styling products to dripping wet hair

Add products to your hair while it’s still wet. A good place to start is a good leave-in conditioner. Always use conditioner liberally after washing, directly on your damp hair, paying special attention to the ends. After applying the leave-in conditioner, apply serum evenly, making sure every curl is coated. These steps, plus deep conditioning weekly, should get rid of frizz. Ensure that the products you use are made for your type of hair and the type of styling you prefer. Each hair type responds differently to weather conditions. Make sure you are using the right no-frizz products for your hair type.

12. Avoid frizzy hair stressors

Smoking, excessive ingestion of alcohol or caffeine (which are diuretics and have a drying effect on the whole body), chemical treatments (including colouring and perming), and excessive consumption of processed foods can create or worsen frizzy hair.

13. Sleep on a satin pillowcase

When you sleep, you toss and turn, which creates friction causing tangles, split ends and breakage. Satin pillowcases reduce frizz-causing friction by minimising hair breakage and reducing split ends. A satin pillowcase also makes it easier to maintain hairstyles. Use satin whenever possible, whether that’s a scarf bonnet to protect spirals or a pillowcase to rest a curly head. Sleeping with satin helps to maintain the moisture in the hair. Cotton and other materials dry hair out, which adds to frizz.
Note: Some curlies ask about silk pillowcases. Silk is a natural fiber, and while some believe that silk provides hair and skin benefits, it does have a tendency to have tiny irregularities in it, which can cause friction. We recommend satin pillowcases. Satin is a type of smooth finish more effective in reducing frizz.

14. Cut down on hot styling tools

The heat from styling tools, such as hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons or hot rollers, can leave hair dry and damaged, which leads to more frizz. In addition, hair tends to form uniform curls more easily when it dries naturally. Try to keep the use of these hot styling tools to a minimum. When a flat iron or hair dryer is a must, use a silicone-based serum beforehand to protect hair from the heat and control frizz.

Written by Alicia Ward, this article originally appeared on Naturally Curly.


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  1. Never heard of the satin pillow case before. Good tips in helping care for ones unruly hair.

  2. Very informative – never would have thought a satin pillowcase would make a difference – off to the shop to buy some right now, LOL!

  3. Love the Satin pillow case tip! I need to cut down the heat styling tools… Now I see that one should apply products to wet hair not dry… Never used a pomade but will try it now!

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