Four steps to an immaculate complexion

steps to immaculate skinStep 1

Prime your skin
In order to create flawless skin it takes a little effort. With some prep work and a good primer you’ll be on your way to perfection. Primers help to control those oily T-sections of your face, keep pores smaller and create a radiant effect. They also help foundations to stay put and are a staple in any make-up artists bag – because they really do make the world of difference. A great primer is Inglot under make-up base, R219.

Step 2

Corrector and concealer
Corrector is used to correct those dark unwanted rings and circles under your eyes that tend to appear when you’ve not had enough sleep. Always start off with the corrector first, and apply using your finger. If you have more of a blue tinge under the eye go for a pink shade of corrector and if you have more of a brown ring under the eye go for peach shades. Always test the colours before you buy.

When you are happy with your corrector, apply a concealer one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Concealor does exactly what it says: conceals, so put it under eyes to conceal and brighten up the area. Apply using a brush and go as close to your lash line as possible.

Together, concealer and corrector will even out your skin tone. Bobbi Brown have a great Corrector, R225 and a perfect Creamy Concealer Kit, R325.

Step 3

Apply your foundation
There are so many different foundations available that you need to be quite picky to make sure it suits your skin. Choose a shade too dark and you can look like you had a self-tanning disaster; a shade too light and you can look sickly. As you will be wearing the foundation on your face the best place to test the shade is … on your face! None of this on the inside of your arm nonsense. Apply three different shades in the area from the botom of your cheek to your neck and the one that dissapears is the correct shade for you. I also suggest finding one for your particular skin type, so, for example, if you have oily skin, you need one that controls shine. A foundation that is easy to match up to your skin type is MAC Matchmaster SPF15 Foundation, R320.

Step 4

Set your face with translucent powder
The last step to your flawless finish is to brush on some translucent powder over your make-up. The natural pigments are designed to ‘set’ your make-up and absorb oil and unwanted mositure. Translucent powder will not distort the colour of the rest of your make-up, or make it cakey. Use a powder brush or powder puff to apply the loose powder evenly. Revlon PhotoReady Translucent Finisher, R199, is a great option.


7 Responses

  1. This is a wonderful article. I love the last tip about the translucent powder. My greatest fear is looking cakey after applying my make-up – it’s such a direct giveaway, and the whole point of wearing make-up (foundation especially), is to look naturally flawless… Let’s not give away our own game by applying too much or applying it incorrectly. Definitely going to get some translucent powder and start using that this summer!

  2. Nice article. Its a bit costly to to get all this good brand but you really get the value of your money, i have learned my lesson from buying all sorts of cheap concealers and face powders, i end up not using it just because i dont get the satisfaction on what its suppose to provide me.
    If its something to be used on a daily basis i believe its the best to get the best. Life is too short????

  3. i do this everyday! and believe them when they say primer is amazing! you really dont know how amzing it is unless you try it! for an affordable starter primer buy claudia stevens make up prep at R49.95

  4. Looking at the items mentioned in this article you would need about R1000 just to sort out the base of your make-up, then still have to add the cost for the Rest of the products to complete your look. I sometimes think make up is just to costly!

  5. I would love to get my hands on the Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer… mmmm, maybe this month :)

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