Great hair in a hurry

5 hairstyles in 5 minutesMake it your new hair’s resolution to break free from bad hair days and try something stylish and on trend for the season. It couldn’t be easier with these clever tricks that mean hot hair styling that not only looks fabulous, but is speedy and fuss free too.

Pump up the volume. This is more a quick fix than a full-on style, but sometimes one needs a secret weapon to take boring office hair into sexy evening wear. If your locks are looking a little limp after a long day of meetings, then haul out the hair spray and get volumising. Simply tip your head upside down, spray your tresses and toss for instant va-va-voom. If you need a little extra help, then backcomb gently.

Wash ’n Go. There are days when a laborious blow dry just isn’t part of the schedule. And for such days, rather than try and rush a flat iron job, embrace your waves and curls, and use a styling aid to help them along. Texturising sea spray products are your best friends for wash-and-go waves. Simply spray all over damp, just-washed hair, and tousle with your fingers. Leave your hair to air dry or dry with a diffuser.

The pretty pony. A ponytail is every woman’s go-to hair helper when time is in short supply. Instead of simply securing your locks with a hair band, take two minutes to add that little something extra to make your tail look terrific. After brushing your hair into a low, smooth pony, secure with a skinny band in the same colour as your hair. Next, take a small section of hair (wide enough to cover your hair band well) from your tail and wrap it around the base of your pony and tuck the ends under your hair band. Secure this little piece of hair with hairgrips and you’re done!

The braid and groom. Another way to add interest (and therefore a little stylish something to your do) is to include a plait or two. If you’re wearing a pony, create a little side plait that runs from your parting to your ear and then secure your locks into a low ponytail. Simply choose a piece of hair from the front section and plait it so it lies flat against your head and secure behind your ear with a hairgrip or two.

Just add shine. Turn to shine spray for another quick fixer-upper when you need great hair in a hurry. A shine spray can really help you turn tired-looking tresses into hair that looks healthy and vibrant. Try keep a mini-sized bottle in your desk drawer for hair emergencies. That way, if you get to work without your locks perfectly coiffed, you can simply slick your hair back into a pony or pretty bun at the nape of your neck, and spray liberally with your glossy styling aid. We love Moroccanoil Shine Spray, 100ml, R245.


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  1. I love the volumising tip.
    I also love the shine spray tip,I personally use the Vo5 miracle mist with 5 oils. I spray and comb through either in towel dried or dried hair. Instant shine

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