Freckles: From flaws to flawless

Freckles: From flaws to flawless 1
The beauty world is abuzz about a new trend involving tattooed freckles to cover facial scarring and acne marks – or simply to achieve a new look.

Gone are the days when we applied concealer and savvy techniques in a bid to hide freckles and imperfections – even Kylie Jenner bares her spots when she’s not sporting her coveted make-up line.

In a surprising new twist, however, women are now opting to get freckles tattooed on their face, and we thought we’d share to get your opinion.

Freckles: From flaws to flawless 2
The process referred to as “freckling”, is achieved using semi-permanent microblading techniques during an hour-long session, with results lasting up to three years.

The hashtags #freckletattoo and #fakefreckle have taken over Instagram, with girls proudly sporting the new look and beauty professionals are getting candid.

Freckles: From flaws to flawless 3

Montreal-based cosmetic tattoo artist, Gabrielle Rainbow has been creating freckle tattoos after her friend grew tired of drawing freckles on her face with make-up.

Rainbow revealed to New Beauty, “Before tattooing her, I experimented on myself – I really don’t recommend tattooing your own face – but once I saw that it worked, and I liked the effect, I decided to do hers”. She now performs the semi-permanent service on the broader public after the interest burgeoned.

Freckles: From flaws to flawless 4

She added, “Because this is your face, it’s important that you do your research and find artists who aren’t afraid to show their portfolio and healed work”.

Freckles: From flaws to flawless 5

This trend highlights a bold new direction towards embracing our so-called flaws, with a surprising new twist. We’re well-versed in creating the iconic Cindy Crawford beauty mark, and Madonna’s here today, gone tomorrow mole – and we’re all about achieving that perfect look in a fraction of the time, but we’re still mulling this one over. Seriously smart, or extreme?

Share your views in the comments section below!


7 Responses

  1. This is way over the top and a BIG NO-NO for me. I agree with each to her own BUT really this is taking it too far. Simply put I think it looks ridiculous. I have natural freckles and I often wish I had a flawless skin, but it take a flawless skin and put dots on it….REALLY???

  2. I’d love to have even tone skin…. this is a little to extreme in my opinion. People’s preferences are really changing. Things that were once regarded as ‘ugly’ is now beautiful, Its all about acceptance and loving yourself.. but this is just tooo much

  3. I find this a bit strange and something I would never try. Not even if I had acne scars

  4. What an odd trend! I have freckles that definitely do stand out more when I’ve been in the sun. I don’t try to cover them up, but I wouldn’t go so far as to have them ‘enhanced’ or added to.
    I do like the idea to cover up scars from acne though.

  5. Fashion Trends – human nature a person with freckles and acne scars wants a flawless skin tone. Vice Versa a person with flawless skin wants the opposite!!

  6. Im a fan of natural imperfections, as a scar tells a story. I do however find it quite a scary idea, even though freckling does suit some.

    It does not make sense that the direction towards embracing our flaws is not that at all, as you are not really embracing yourself as you are. Your natural lack off freckles are just that, and I’m all for embracing yourself!!

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