Make your beauty products last

Make your beauty products last 1

We all have beauty products that we just cannot live without, and we often splurge on them. If you are making the choice between food and your favourite foundation more often than your budget can withstand, it’s time to get thrifty. Try out these expert tips on how to make your products last longer…

Beautyblender for the win

Beautyblenders are not only perfect for applying make-up, they also help your products last longer. Apart from great coverage, using your trusted beautyblender ensures you use much less foundation, cream blush and powder, as they do not soak into the sponge.

Mix-up your foundation

So you’re running low on your go-to product? Simply add a few drops of your favourite moisturiser to your foundation to make it last longer. It’ll create a nifty tinted moisturiser, which has added benefits for your skin. Bonus!

Keep it cool

Avoid letting your cosmetics, hair products and perfume come in contact with too much heat, which breaks down preservatives and makes them more susceptible to bacteria. The car is not a great place to keep your make-up and neither is a sunny windowsill. The average shelf life of your perfume is two years, but you can make it last longer by storing it in a cool, dark area like in a drawer or cupboard.

Other products, like nail polish, pencil liners and perfumes can be stored in the fridge to prolong their lives… just make sure the lid is on tight as Issey Miyake flavoured salad is not a winner.

Stretch your bronzer

Make your almost-finished bronzer last that much longer by mixing it with a body cream or face moisturiser to create a shimmery lotion, which you can then use as a highlighter.

Make that lippy last

You might be down to the very last bit of your favourite lippy, but you will be able to get at least one more wear out of it if you use an ear bud, plus it’s more sanitary than your fingers. Broke your favourite shade? Use a lighter and melt the broken edges (without burning them), then press them firmly together. If you have a few lipsticks that are almost done, scoop out what remains, mix them together and create a new blush or brand new shade of lipstick.

Choose cotton pads over cotton balls

Did you know that a cotton wool ball will soak up more of your eye make-up remover and toner than a cotton pad? The cotton pads need less product to soak the surface and still work just as well.

Extend your nail polish

When your favourite nail polish starts to get thick and difficult to apply add a cap or two of nail polish remover and give it a good shake. This helps thin it down, go on smoothly and last way longer.

Less is more with shampoo and conditioner

You don’t need a palm full of shampoo and conditioner in order to get a good wash. Try a little portion control by using a dollop the size of an R5 coin. When using conditioner rub it into the ends more than the scalp. If you are right at the bottom of the bottle add a little water to help get it out more easily.

TIP: If you bought a new conditioner and it’s not doing your hair any favours, don’t toss it out. Use it as a shaving cream to get silky smooth legs.

TIP: To make mascara wands last longer, put old, dried out ones in the dishwasher and then use them to groom brows or mist them in hairspray to help control flyaways. You can also add a few drops of saline solution to your mascara to undo clumps.

TIP: Complement your favourite scent or make use of the last drops of perfume to create your very own fragranced lotion. Simply mix a few drops with some unscented lotion. Pretty thrifty indeed.


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  1. I love saving money on my precious beauty products. I love the tips at the bottom for even more added money saving secrets. :)

  2. Make-up is expensive so this is helpful to get the most out of the products. Thanks :)

  3. As a student, the struggle is really between make-up and food sadly. While I was reading this, it made me realise how much I’ve learnt over the years because I literally do all of these things. Thanks for the most essential hacks:-):-)

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