Garnier Oil Control Deep Clean Face Wash Trial Team

Garnier Oil Control Deep Cleanse

Pricing: R
Availability: Leading retailers nationwide

What we say:
The anti-bacterial formula has a dual action. It cleanses by unclogging pores and helps protect against imperfections, as well as purifies and helps tighten pores, leaving the skin looking clean and shine-free.

What our Beauty Master says:
I started using the Garnier face products the very next day after receiving them and I must say that I have seen a great improvement in the overall look and feel of my skin. I have recently been struggling with blemishes and impurities along my jaw line, but since I started using the Garnier Deep Clean Wash and Garnier Deep Cleansing Lotion products, they have practically disappeared!

It is recommended that the products are used twice daily, but even with me skipping the odd morning or evening, I have still seen great results. The products are great, and leave your skin feeling fresh, radiant and revived! I will recommend the Garnier Deep Clean Wash and Garnier Deep Cleansing Lotion to anyone that is looking for a gentle, yet effective daily cleanser. Go ahead, give it a try!
– julandism

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