Reasons to grow that ‘fro

Growing an afro is really easy, and it gives your hair a break from the treatments and chemicals for a little while. And while a weave may look sleek and sophisticated, so can an afro, when you style it well!

First, you have to get rid of all chemically treated hair. So cut off hair that’s been relaxed or permed. If your hair’s already short, you may need to let it grow a little while longer and then cut out the treated parts. If your hair hasn’t been chemically treated, you still may need a trim to get rid of split ends and heat or colour damaged hair. You want to start off with a clean slate, so get rid of anything that isn’t healthy hair. This cut will also stimulate hair growth.

Next, get your hair cut into an even style. It will need to be short as this will become the beginning of your afro.

In terms of maintenance, you’re going to need to keep your hair clean. So wash and condition it once a week for that healthy shine. If you wash it too often, your hair may become dry and brittle. You may need to wash it twice, though, to get rid of any build-up, but you should use a leave-in conditioner. An afro needs to be kept moisturised; it can easily look dry and out of control, so use products that contain shea butter or argan oil. This also prevents breaking and splitting of your hair. After it’s been washed, let it air dry – you don’t need heat styling for this look. Weekly or twice weekly treatments will help keep your hair and scalp moisturised.

When it comes to grooming and styling, always use either a wide-tooth comb or a pick comb to fluff out your hair. A smaller comb will break your hair. You’ve got to keep ‘picking’ at it otherwise your afro will fall flat and get knotty. Even though you’re growing you afro, you need to keep trimming it. Get to your hair stylist or barber every four to six weeks to keep you ‘fro in an even shape and split-end-free. This may be a natural style, but an untamed afro just looks wild.

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26 Responses

  1. I am quite liking the afro look but the dryness has always been a big no no for me. Also I’d prefer it a bit more curly and definitely well moisturised as this article suggests.

  2. I have been trying to wear my hair au naturale to give it a break from all the heat styling. I must say this article as well as the comments have been really helpful because I have been struggling with what to do with my mass of tiny curls that dry out easily.

  3. Great article but I think I need to mention three important things. (My fro is nine months old now) In the morning when you get up, use a spray bottle to slightly dampen your hair then comb it out with your afro comb otherwise your hair will break off trying to comb through all those knots while dry. Don’t use cheap products on your hair. If you had relaxed hair before and now have a fro, treat your fro as you would when your hair was sleeker. Use the best products you can afford, try new treatments and don’t limit yourself to the “black hair” section. Also put pretty bows, headbands, scarves, alice bands, clips in your hair – It really makes a difference! Be mindful of your diet, exercise and water intake. When I don’t drink enough water and eat really badly – I almost instantly notice that my hair suffers and will be very dry.

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