Primed and ready to go

I was never one to follow those extra make-up steps or the advice a make-up artist would give. Purely because I was lazy and didn’t think that by adding in an extra product such as a primer would make the world of difference to what my end result would be. I was wrong, of course.

Just like a painter would prime his surface before painting, so should you before applying foundation. Pretend your face is a canvas and treat it like one. This is a primer comes in.

Primed and ready to go

What it is: A primer is usually a gel-like substance that is lightweight and silicone-based, and should disappear as soon as you apply it to your face. Some primers might contain bits of colour (like lavenders, greens or pinks), but these shades help calm redness and revive your skin tone. You can also get primers specifically for your lips (helps prevent lipstick from feathering and lips from drying out) and even your hair.

What it does: A primer is designed to smooth and prepare the skin for what is to come next – your make-up. It fills in lines, wrinkles and even large pores. The great thing about applying a primer is that helps your make-up last longer and controls shine. So you won’t find your make-up sliding down your face by lunchtime.

When to apply: Using your fingertips, always apply your primer onto cleansed, moisturised skin before applying your foundation.

Primers to try:
1. Guerlain Météorites Perles, Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer, R680
2. Optiphi Set The Canvas, R227.43
3. Accessorize Primer, R129.99
4. Gosh Foundation Primer Classic, R190
5. Almay Smart Shade Perfect & Correct Primer, R135

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  1. Eye shadow primer makes a huge difference and help makeup last so much longer. I can’t go without primer!

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