Guys, work with your hair!

Guys, work with your hair!When it comes to grooming their hair, men often feel they’ve got the short end of the stick. But there’s so much you can do with your style, simply by working with what you’ve got.

Terence the dynamic stylist and owner of Terenzo International Hairdressing Professionals shares his styling tips.

‘The trend at the moment is most definitely steered towards a more groomed vintage gentlemen’s cut that can work for most hair types and textures,’ Terence says. ‘Something that is easy to style which also compliments most wardrobes.’

If you’ve got…

Thinning and/or fine hair

Terence’s tip: ‘Often men would grow their hair longer thinking that it will look fuller. However, if you cut your hair in a shorter style it will definitely appear thicker and fuller. For thinning hair Redken has an amazing range called IntraForce. It is formulated with a targeted combination of zinc PCA, aminexil and arginine that works synergistically to help promote density and delay avoidable hair loss. Another great product for men with fine or thinning hair is Densify Texturising Shampoo by Redken.’

Long and thick hair

Terence’s tip: ‘Try a more textured style that has the flexibility to be scraped back and is more sophisticated or just texturised. It should be left to dry naturally for a more relaxed look. Apply Get Groomed by Redken for Men after shampooing – towel dry your hair and rub a coin-size of the product through your hair and style.

Frizzy/curly hair

Terence’s tip: ‘We recommend a Brazilian Blowout. This treatment can control the curl and reduce frizziness. Once the treatment has been done, you will have to invest in the Brazilian Blowout Acai Hair Care products, developed for the unique purpose of extending the life of the treatment.’

Ethnic/afro hair

Terence’s tip: ‘Invest in a MIzani Relaxer followed by a Brazilian Blowout a week later to ensure silky smooth hair that can be cut and styled in more of a variety of styles.’

Dandruff-prone hair

Terence’s tip: ‘A shorter hairstyle will ensure for more UV exposure to the scalp that can help with dandruff prone hair. You should avoid tying hair up if you have a longer style. Scalp Relief from Redken helps to eliminate and combat dandruff and its symptoms while gently cleansing the hair – the scalp is clarified and relieved while hair is shiny, light and airy.’

Oily hair

Terence’s tip: ‘If your hair is excessively oily, the shorter the haircut the better. Use Scalp Relief – Oil Detox by Redken. Apply a dollop of the shampoo on dry hair and emulsify with very little water. This will help soak up the oil. Then shampoo again and style.’

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21 Responses

  1. My husband went to the same barber for 25 years and payed R20 for a hair cut. That was until i dragged him to my hair stylist, now he has hair cut in a mohawk style… still cant believe it

  2. What about the guys with bald heads? Maybe they need some tips about how to shave their heads effectively. I know my husband would appreciate tips like that.

  3. The salon for men in Canal Walk is good.. Its always fully booked though. But they give nice head massage/shampoo and i like howthey style my honeys hair/haircut.. It makes him look young

  4. Will give Redken a try, my man is very fussy about his products but will try it and post back. Very informative, will pass it on

  5. It’s a pitty hubby is a policeman … they have to cut their hair short (number one-4 style). Will definitely share this article with him.

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