Gym etiquette

How to behave at gym

Even though sweating and grunting is allowed at the gym, there are a few “rules” to bear in mind to make it a pleasant experience for all. Remember, rules are there for everyone, even if you are the strongest man in the world!

Sharing equipment
No dumbbell belongs to you, or has your name on it. Use it and then allow the next person to use it. Don’t rest on the machine you are using in between sets. Simply allow a person to alternate sets with you. Each dumbbell has a special home where it is marked with the specific kg. Don’t be lazy and place the 12kg weight where the 4kg weight should be… 

Unloading your weight / machine
After you are finished on a machine or with a weight bar, remove the weight completely. Not everyone can lift the same weight as you. The same applies for unloading the weights from a bar. Someone may want to only lift 20kg and not the 100 you left on. It is also time-consuming for the next person to have to remove the heavy weights.

Putting equipment back where you found it
Don’t leave the weight plates, or dumbbells, or bosu ball in the middle of the floor. No one is going to put it back where you originally found it. It can become a hazard as people train around them and you don’t want people to trip. Criss-cross them on the floor in-between sets.

Use a sweat towel (and keep your sweat to yourself)
Don’t just bring a towel to wear around your shoulders as a fashion accessory. Make use of it. Wipe down any machine or bench you use when you are done. There is NOTHING more disgusting than approaching a machine that is dripping with sweat and having to wipe it yourself before using it. If you forget one, there is always paper towel around the gym.

Hogging the drinking fountain
Everyone wants a turn – so try not catch your breath and have a chit-chat in-between sips. The best thing is to carry a water bottle around. On the other hand, if you are filling your bottle up, it does tend to take a while. Let the person behind you take a few sips if you see he / she doesn’t have a bottle.

In the changing rooms
It isn’t your bathroom at home, so try respect others using it at that time. If you want to dry your hair with no clothes on, rather wrap a towel around your bottom area. Not everybody wants to stare at you starker’s. Limit your space on the changing bench too so that others can have some space to lay out their clothes. When it comes to showering, remove all your products and hair that likes to lie around the drain area.

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11 Responses

  1. I wish everyone at gym could sign a contract that binds them to these rules. And if they don’t follow them, they should be fined in some way.

    It’s so annoying that all of these things actually happen way too often, regardless of the gym that you’re going to. Some of the most “posh” people are the laziest when it comes to picking up after themselves. Then you actually do get the people that sit on a piece of equipment for 10 minutes and stare around the room before doing something.

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