How to: grow a moustache

How to grow a moustache

Moustaches come in all shapes and sizes, and some require more grooming and manscaping than others. But before you get to maintenance and grooming, you have to master the art of growth. Here, in aid of Movember, our top tips on how to grow a moustache.

  1. As strange as this may sounds, it’s important to shave your entire face before you start growing your moustache. That way you can shape your ‘tache from the very beginning, and make sure that no beard / goatee hairs get in the way.
  2. Select a style – there are loads of ‘stache shapes out there, so why not look at some styles on Google to determine which one you can pull off?
  3. Survive the first week or two by being patient. Yes, it will itch, and yes, it will look a bit silly while it’s just starting, but it’s something you just have to grin and bear until you get the result you want.
  4. Begin shaping your moustache by carefully shaving just outside of its shape. Leave a bit of room for tidying up with the edge of a razor blade.
  5. Keep it in shape by shaving the areas around it every day, and by trimming it regularly. It should be even in length and neatly trimmed – no stray hairs allowed! Keep a beard trimmer in the bathroom to easily tidy up before you leave for work.
  6. Be sure to massage some moisturiser onto the skin beneath your moustache, as it can get dry and flaky if you don’t. And there’s nothing attractive about a dandruff-resembling ‘tache.
  7. Keep it clean and soft by washing it with your facial cleanser, and applying conditioner every time you wash your hair. This will leave it a lot softer and more manageable.
  8. Invest in a small moustache comb, especially if you’re sporting a thick or large ‘tache. You can even use some hair wax to smooth (and keep) the hairs in place.
  9. If you’re completely new to facial hair, or you want something intricate, rather consult a professional than attempt it at home. He or she will be able to shape it exactly as you want it, and will have some great maintenance tips too.

Is your man / brother or friend growing a moustache this Movember? How do you feel about his new facial hair?

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6 Responses

  1. My husband has had a moustache since I met him. Nothing is going to make him to take it off. Think I won’t know him if he ever does!

  2. I always take male grooming for granted and think its easy but these steps show the opposite. I think once one gets it right, managing a moustache shouldn’t be that complicated.

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