I get the worst split ends. Are there any ways or tips to prevent them?

I get the worst split ends. Are there any ways or tips to prevent them? 1The best way to prevent split ends is to have your hair trimmed regularly. Some women believe that it’s better to leave their hair and no cut it in order for it to grow, but truth is trimming it helps much more than any treatment.

You can maintain its health by treating it once a week and using a good shampoo and conditioner. Always use a heat protecting product when heat styling and never go to bed with wet hair.


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  1. Regular trimming is the solution. Also helps for hair to stay in style. With long hair it helps the bottom part to not look thin while the top is looking thick, because of hair falling out.

  2. soo true. i cut my hair every month(i want to grow my old colour back without stripping my hair) so i cut the colour off every month. i dont mind my hair stayin this bob length till i have all my hair colour back, coz cuttin it made it grow faster and my hair feel super amazin! im all ro trimming! sacrifice a lil length ladies!

  3. yes it is true, trimming is the best way to keep hair healthy and it should be done every 6 weeks……also use a good shampoo and conditioner and treatments….still havent found anything that was that grand….help anyone?

  4. With long hair I stay away from heating products as far as possible and have it trimmed regularly – it makes a huge difference.

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