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Black|Up 2 in 1 Lip Pencil Trial Team

Black Up Lip Pencil


What we say:
Black Up’s jumbo 2 in1 lip pencil glides over lips so easily due to the gel-based formula, and I love that it has a sharpener attached to the cap so it makes this a great tool to carry around without having the fear of a blunt tip! This lip pencil feels soft and creamy enough to be blended as a base to your lips, add a little lip gloss and you are set to go! Add a little lipstick and it gives you a beautiful shade. I am very pleased with this product and will definitely buy this product once it is finished… All you ladies have got to try this. It is just too FABULOUS!!
– beautilicious

I am in love with this lip pencil. I have been using it for a few days, and it goes everywhere with me. I found it very easy to apply, and I think the little sharpener that comes with it is brilliant. I had the colour JUMO4 and I found that it blended in perfectly with most of my other daytime lipsticks; I think it even may have intensified my lipstick. At one point I used this lip pencil as a lipstick and it looked great. It did also stay on my lips for a long time. I love Black Up’s 2 in 1 lip pencil and will definitely be buying some of the other colours in this range! Genius.
– Anita

I couldn’t wait to open my package from BeautySA when my Black Up 2 in 1 lip pencil arrived! I’m not a fan of traditional lipstick – rather give me a pencil, long-wear gloss or lip stain. So this is right up my alley.

Firstly, I love the packaging of this product. I will not mind taking this baby out of my bag in a crowded room! It is simple and elegant and so easy to use. And it’s durable – it will even survive my clumsiness. I like the thick lead as it’s quick and easy to cover your lips in the beautiful matte colour. And there is a built-in sharpener in the lid. So your pencil will be ready for use at all times. This isn’t a tiny little thing; it’s going to last you a while. The pencil can be used as a liner, or you can cover your whole lip – use it as a base for another lipstick or just add a bit of gloss. I hate replying lipstick every half hour but this product stayed put and I was very happy with that. It will also help your lipstick last much longer when you use it as a base. The colour glides on smoothly, but it did dry out my lips a bit. Also make sure that your lips are soft and smooth [https://www.beautysouthafrica.com/news/Summer-lips-SOS] before you apply; this one clings to dry patches.

Black Up cosmetics have been designed for women of colour, so the colour ranges are beautifully dark, intense and highly pigmented. Unfortunately the colour that I received is a bit dark for my pale skin (I’m saving my pencil for a night out). If they decide to extend the range and add a couple of lighter shades, I will definitely get myself at least one. Overall I think this is a great product well worth your money.
– CharlieW

Christmas came early for me; I got the Black Up 2 in 1 lip pencil just in time for my best friend’s wedding. The wow factor for me was the colour – RED. With my green dress, it was definitely a good fashion statement. My attire was green and turquoise blue, except for my lips! This 2 in 1 lip pencil comes with its own pencil sharpener and has a multifunction jumbo lead (lip contour and base). I really find the crayon shape cute and "COOL" as my son said when he saw it for the first time. His interest in my red crayon was not only because of the shape but the colour too. I’m a lip gloss lady and normally bright shade lipsticks are actually a major no-no for me but the matte effect on my lips convinced me otherwise. My friends were stunned at the wedding when I delivered my speech as the bride’s best friend. This lip pencil also increased my make-up hold! It delivers on its promise; when I applied it to the entire lip, it made a perfect base to even out my two-tone lips, and bonus was it intensified my lip gloss.

This lip pencil is a must have ladies! The lips stay comfortable and the colour impeccable for eight hours. Please take precaution not to apply too much; you know that too much of anything is just… TOO MUCH. This product is fantastic and vibrant, I wish I had it in winter when I was still wearing those grey and black clothes! I love the compliments I get at social events. Recently I was wearing an all-white suit and my red lips and both males and females were stunned. It made me sing "Don’t you wish your girlfriend was………" Yeah, I haven’t experience that feeling for a long time! Now I have found the product that makes red lips look classy not trashy! But I am positive that any colour of Black Up 2-in-1 lip pencil will bring the classy woman in every woman. I would recommend this product to colleagues, friends and even strangers at wine festivals! Let us be ready for colour blocking with our lips looking good and appealing!
– Lady T

I was a little cautious when I received the Black Up 2 in 1 lip pencil to review purely because I very seldom wear any form of lipstick. Lip gloss has always been my best friend and because of my very thin lips I struggle to pull off any colour. The dark packaging of the pencil, of course, sold me a little before I even opened it. Black packaging is a huge selling point for me, making it look classy and expensive. The jumbo pencil is great, enabling you to easily coat your lips with colour. The colour glides on easily and smoothly giving your lips a matte look but not drying out your lips. It lasts incredibly long considering that most lipsticks rub off within the first hour of going out. I was very confident wearing the colour on my lips even though I don’t have very shapely lips to show off. Also, the matte texture helped to not draw too much attention to the shape of my lips but rather to the striking colour.

There are 12 shades in this range and I cannot wait to try them all…and one of the best things about this is that it has a built in sharpener, which I think is great because I have struggled before to find a sharpener big enough to fit a jumbo pencil. The 2 in 1 lip pencil should definitely be in every woman’s hand bag ☺
– Cat


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