Introducing COLAB Boho Rose and Black Violet Dry Shampoo

Introducing COLAB Boho Rose and Black Violet Dry Shampoo 1

In theory, washing your hair every day, or every second day, sounds like a good idea. After all, who wouldn’t want their hair to be squeaky clean and shiny all the time?! In reality, it’s not always practical. Over-washing can strip your hair of its natural oils, leading to dryness and brittleness. Plus, the process is time consuming! And don’t even get us started on post-wash styling…

This is where the genius that is dry shampoo, comes in.

Why dry shampoo?
With a reliable dry shampoo, you can spruce up your hair before an unexpected meeting or date, volumize limp strands or even just extend the days in between your shampoos. Dry shampoo has the ability to soak up grease and oiliness, leaving your hair looking fresh and smelling great. Did you know that it also adds volume to your roots? It only takes a few spritzes to get that “just blow-dried” look.

Leading UK dry shampoo brand COLAB has added two new exciting variants to their extensive dry shampoo range:

Introducing COLAB Boho Rose and Black Violet Dry Shampoo 2

COLAB Boho Rose Dry Shampoo
COLAB Boho Rose is a sweet blushing floral with a vintage soul, inspired by whimsical flower crowns and fine spun with fragrant notes of peony and delicate rose. All whilst instantly and invisibly absorbing oil – with no white residue to ruin your flower crown.

Introducing COLAB Boho Rose and Black Violet Dry Shampoo 3

COLAB Black Violet Dry Shampoo
COLAB Black Violet is a rich, dark floral fragrance inspired by hedonistic evenings under the moonlight, surrounded by sultry wild orchid and sensual violet. Dance the night away with this absolute hair essential!

What sets COLAB apart?
Some women avoid dry shampoo because they’re worried about a white residue or product build-up. COLAB’s signature formula is totally weightless, using tiny particles to absorb excess grease and oil from the scalp. Because less product is sprayed onto the hair, COLAB dry shampoo goes to work invisibly, leaving absolutely no white residue (not even on dark hair!). Hair is refreshed and revived instantly without the hair’s natural body and bounce being compromised.

COLAB is proud to be totally cruelty-free, against animal testing and a vegan-friendly product. In recognition of this commitment, their parent company SLG are proud to have been awarded accreditation as a “cruelty-free brand” from PETA – the largest animal rights group in the world. Yay!

How does it work?
You don’t need any water or other products when using any of COLAB’s dry shampoos. Simply spray directly on to your hair, massage and style!

COLAB products are available at Clicks stores and online at

This post was sponsored by COLAB.


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