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Introducing N°1 DE CHANEL

Introducing N°1 DE CHANEL 2

Skincare ranges come and go, but every now and again something truly remarkable crosses our path and reignites our love for beauty: Right now, that something remarkable is N°1 DE CHANEL.

This new anti-ageing skincare line by CHANEL truly is beauty ahead of time; a new generation of beauty products that preserves skin vitality and radiance while caring for the planet.

At the heart of the N°1 DE CHANEL range is the revitalizing power of the red camellia extract. An iconic plant for Gabrielle Chanel, the red camellia is one of the few flowers in the world whose extraordinary energy gives it perennial youth. This plant’s resilience led CHANEL to make a remarkable discovery – the unique action of the red camellia which acts on the N°1 stage of skin ageing, preventing and correcting the appearance of the five signs of ageing.

But what makes this plant so unique? At the end of winter, the camellia is adorned with dozens of small domes, each one appearing fragile, but in reality, they’re brimming with vitality. The cells of the red camellia are remarkable: in order to resist the cold and lower the freeing point of the water, the cells build up a maximum number of soluble elements, which increases their resistance to frost.

The camellia flower is rich, heavy and radiant. Its initiation, maturing and opening requires an extraordinary energy investment from the plant, yet, the bloom is short-lived and disappears after a few days. CHANEL has chosen to take the incredible fresh qualities of these fully blossomed flowers, and enhance them in a water, obtained from several varieties of camellia, which is incorporated in the composition of its new skincare line.

So what can you expect from the range? CHANEL has always believed that nature’s intelligence is unsurpassable, and this conviction has guided the creation of N°1 DE CHANEL. Offering an innovative and sustainable approach to beauty, N°1 DE CHANEL preserves the radiance of youthful looking skin by supporting sources of vitality. CHANEL are experts at cultivating flowers. Throughout the last 100 years, they’ve built up expertise in the cultivation of rose and jasmine for their best-selling N°5 fragrance, and yes, you’ve guessed it – they apply the same production rules to their skincare products.

Introducing N°1 DE CHANEL 3

The range consists of the following products:
N°1 DE CHANEL Powder-to-Foam Cleanser
N°1 DE CHANEL Revitalizing Lotion
N°1 DE CHANEL Revitalizing Serum  
N°1 DE CHANEL Revitalizing Illuminating Eye Cream
N°1 DE CHANEL Revitalizing Cream
N°1 DE CHANEL Revitalizing Serum-in-Mist
N°1 DE CHANEL Revitalizing Foundation  
N°1 DE CHANEL Lip and Cheek Balm
N°1 DE CHANEL L’EAU ROUGE Revitalizing Fragrance Mist

Introducing N°1 DE CHANEL 4

While each item is uniquely beautiful and luxurious, our star products are the Serum and Moisturiser:

N°1 DE CHANEL Revitalizing Serum prevents and corrects the five signs of ageing with 95% naturally-derived ingredients, of which 76% is camellia-derived ingredients. It has a transparent gel texture that absorbs into the skin immediately, leaving it feeling refreshed. With continued use, it visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pores, improves skin elasticity and provides comfort and a radiant looking
complexion again.

N°1 DE CHANEL Revitalizing Cream smoothes and plumps, while providing comfort and radiance. Concentrated in red camellia extract and oil, this scented whipped cream is formulated with 95% of ingredients of natural origin, of which 70% are derived from the camellia. On application, it visibly smooths the look of lines, adding comfort and radiance to the skin, while forming a protective barrier against urban pollution.

N°1 DE CHANEL was crafted with the environment in mind. The formulas contain up to 97% naturally-derived ingredients and up to 76% camellia-derived ingredients (oil, water, extract etc). Even the packaging was designed sustainably. It is free of cellophane (yay!), contains no paper leaflets, is made with lighter glass and the lids are made from 90% bio-based materials.

Introducing N°1 DE CHANEL 5

CHANEL is one of the world’s favourite beauty brands for a reason: they just always get it right. But of all the new launches we’ve seen from them in the past few years, this is the most innovative and forward-thinking one to date. N°1 DE CHANEL is not just ahead of the curve in terms of ingredients and results, but it also takes a stance on sustainability. We believe that the future of beauty is eco-conscious, ethical and sustainable, and CHANEL is taking the lead.

N°1 DE CHANEL is available at CHANEL fragrance and beauty boutiques: Menlyn, Sandton City and V&A Waterfront, as well as at select Woolworths and Arc stores. Shop the range online here.


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