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Why chickpeas can better your health


Popular in Middle Eastern, Spanish and Greek cuisine, chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans) are one of the most underrated super foods. High in protein and fibre, they also contain a host of vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy body. Here’s why you should be including them in your diet:

They’re good for your bones
Our bodies need a good balance of calcium and phosphate for proper bone mineralization – too much phosphate without enough calcium can lead to bone loss. Chickpeas contain a high amount of both minerals, plus iron, magnesium, zinc and vitamin K, all of which contribute to good bone health.

They help keep your heart healthy
The high fibre and potassium content in chickpeas helps lower cholesterol found in the blood. Plus, chickpeas don’t contain any cholesterol.

They keep you regular
Their high fibre levels prevent constipation and promote a healthy digestive tract.

They offer relief to inflammation sufferers
Chickpeas contain choline, a nutrient known to assist with sleep, muscle movement and memory, but also known for reducing chronic inflammation.

Their vitamins and minerals offer long-term health benefits
The selenium found in chickpeas assists healthy liver function and is known for detoxifying dangerous and cancer-causing toxins in the body. Because they also contain folate, they are good for DNA repair, which is essential in preventing cancer cells from forming.

Chickpeas are most commonly bought in a tin and are ready to be eaten straight away. Add a handful to your Greek salad, to cous cous, or to a stew. If you have a blender you can even make your own chickpea hummus by blending them along with olive or coconut oil, garlic, salt and pepper.

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9 Responses

  1. I love having chickpeas along with some roasted veggies in a creamy sauce over wholewheat pasta! And homemade hummus is such a win as you get to customize the flavors and consistency to your preference. One of my favorite snacks is some raw veggies, like carrots, cucumber and celery, cut up and served with hummus as a dip

  2. Apart from the canned chickpeas. The dried ones are just as good. Soak them in water for a few hour’s. Then boil and drain water. Cook as you prefer. I use them on a weekly basis as part of meal plan.

  3. I mash chickpeas up und add an egg and some flour and fry them to make vegan patties, they are so delicious!

  4. Initially, i didnt like the taste but I’m beginning to like chickpeas more and more. I’ve found that spicy roasted chickpeas are delicious and a much healthier alternative to potatoe chips. Its also great in salads.

  5. I had no idea chickpeas had so many health benefits. But then again they do say that dynamite comes in small packages. From now on – more chickpeas.

  6. Ah! Now I don’t Have to feel guilty when indulging into hummus. It’s so delicious!

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